100% Silk Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top in Olive

¥17,600 (税込)

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Crew neck long sleeve top with a slim-fit silhouette, using fine 100% silk circular rib knit. Our unique silk fabric lightly adheres to your body. A gently hugging, snug fit.

Learn more about MUUGI's silk fabric.

Slim-fit silhouette. Wear on its own or layer with other garments.

Long sleeves that cover half the back of your hand. Free to wear scrunched, folded or smoothed out. Enjoy its delicate feel.

A modest crew neck with a simple cut finish.

Olive color of sophisticated tone. Has a natural shine that accompanies chic and casual coordinates. Stylish to wear on its own or layered.

Made in Japan
Composition: 100% Silk (machine washable)

Each piece by MUUGI is made of natural material, and may differ a little in color and size.

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We also have "100% Silk Long Sleeve Tee" as a long-sleeved top in the same 100% silk fabric.
Please see this article for the difference between the two.

To get a sense of how MUUGI is worn, see our lookbook.

Colors:White / Ecru / Camel / Olive / Taupe / Navy / Black

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Our 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit is made from 100% washable silk.

  • MUUGI's unique silk fabric is knitted using the circular rib technique. This creates a comfortable horizontal stretch that hugs the body.
  • Our silk fibers are processed and made washable before being spun into yarn, so our silk is machine washable.
  • All our fabrics and garments are manufactured in Japan. An epitome of Japanese craftsmanship excellence.

For more information on our unique silk fabric, click here.

Our 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit is made from 100% washable silk.

  • Use neutral detergent, detergent for silk, or ‘Delicate Wash’ detergent. Please refrain from using bleach.
  • Be sure to place your silks in the mesh laundry bag.
  • Be sure to select a cold, delicate cycle on your washing machine, which is usually called ‘delicate’ or ‘Hand Wash’.

Read here for how to care for your silk underwear.

For more information on how to wash and care, click here.

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