MUUGI (/muːɡɪ/) reimagines the underwear experience. Material, comfort and fashionability all come together to achieve the ideal underwear.

We craft with hand selected silk and other natural luxury fibers. Comfort, simplicity and elegance in beautiful harmony achieve a stress-free fit.

Find freedom in your daily styling. MUUGI is the perfect match for all your wardrobe favorites.

All products are designed and responsibly manufactured in Japan.

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Silk Underwear



100% Silk Underwear

Made of all-natural 100% silk. Tank Top / Camisole with Bra with stress-free comfort and minimalist design. Panties in the same fabric.


100% Silk Tops and Bottoms

Long / short sleeve top and leggings made of our original silk circular rib knit fabric. Comfortable silk for everyday basic wear.

Our unique silk fabric — 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit

MUUGI’s unique silk fabric gently touches to your body. A gently hugging, snug fit.

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Full-Needles Silk Knit

The 18G full-needles silk knit series uses 100% silk and has a rich, thick feel.


Cotton & Silk RIb

Underwear Series, using an original blend of Supima, a fine extra-long staple cotton and luxury silk.

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100% Super 180's Merino Wool

The 100% Merino Wool Series uses amazingly fine merino wool which is rare in the market. Long / short sleeve tee and bottoms. Versatile fabric can be worn in all seasons. Men's version is also available for unisex wear.

100% Super 180's Merino Wool Series >

MUUGI's Super 180's Merino Wool Fabric

Our selective jersey stitched fabric is made from 100% ultra fine 14.5μ (micron) fibers, which are really rare in the market. Extremely soft and has a smooth, natural shine.

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Styling / Lookbooks

To get a sense of how MUUGI is worn, see our lookbooks and styling.

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