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100% Merino Wool Jersey Short Sleeve Tee - 3 sizes, 4 colors

Basic Short Sleeve Tee, using ultra fine 100% Merino Wool.

Our selective jersey stitched fabric is made from 100% ultra fine 14.5μ (micron) fibers, which are really rare in the market. This fabric is extremely soft and has a smooth, natural shine.

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Cozy up in this light and warm, high quality garment — suitable both as an inner and outer layer. You will find your body in perfect harmony all year round.

The short sleeve Tee is a slightly compact fitting with a little room in the body and sleeves so that it can be worn in all seasons. The boxy silhouette makes it easy to wear on its own.
The fabric has a moderate stretch and a natural fall that naturally hugs the body, and we have sought a balance that prevents puffiness when layered on top of clothing.

For the collar, we aimed to achieve both "a beautiful appearance as a T-shirt" and "a low distortion effect when wearing clothes on top".
The neckline has a moderate opening that is not too full, making it easy to use both as a single piece and in layers.
The collar is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Even when wearing a tight-fitting garment, it does not show through and does not look like underwear. The slightly narrow collar gives a delicate impression even when worn openly.

Wear as underwear. Or wear on its own for a simple, relaxed look. Comfortable, snug fit. Always effortlessly elegant.

All-natural breathability and frictionless against skin. Recommended for sensitive skin that is prone to irritation caused by synthetic wear.

Antibacterial and odor resistant. Good for activewear and convenient for travel.

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