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100% Silk Long Boy Shorts - 2 sizes, 7 colors

100% Silk Long Boy Shorts

Long Boy Shorts, using fine 100% silk circular rib knit. It can be worn as a long-style boy shorts on its own or layered as leggings over your own panties, depending on your preference.

Our unique 100% silk fabric lightly adheres to your body. A gently hugging, snug fit.

The 100% Silk fabric is breathable and provides a comfortable feel, preventing sweat stains on clothes during perspiration, offering protection against heat rash and skin irritation, serving as innerwear for see-through garments, and providing insulation against the cold. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of uses.

Designed to be worn directly against the skin as panties, so it features a 100% silk gusset in the crotch area. This design ensures that there are no seam lines touching the skin for added comfort.

The leg openings are designed with soft elastic to provide a comfortable fit. The seam allowances at the leg openings are placed on the outer side, preventing any irritation or discomfort from the stitching on delicate thigh areas.

*The photo shown here is the inner side (against the skin).

High waist type. Your entire bottom in a gentle wrap, also supported by a soft waistband.

Both the leg openings and waist elastic are fully enclosed by silk fabric and do not come in contact with skin.

  • As underwear when wearing thin bottoms where underwear lines are a concern.
  • Prevents sweat marks.
  • An inner pant for sheer clothing.
  • Protection against heat rash and skin irritation.
  • Thermal.
  • A warm base layer for outdoor and cold weather clothing.

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シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, エクリュ(前)シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, エクリュ(後)
シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, コーラル(前)シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, コーラル(後)
シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, キャメル(前)シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, キャメル(後)
シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, ゴールド(前)シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, ゴールド(後)
商品管理 シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, トープ(前)商品管理 シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, トープ(後)
シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, ネイビー(前)シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, ネイビー(後)
シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, ブラック(前)シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, ブラック(後)