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Our unique silk fabric — 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit

Underwear is the closest thing to the human skin, so we want it to be good for the skin and body. Even if the price is high, we want to use the finest materials we can spare.

For MUUGI’s first underwear series, we hand selected our silk fabric. MUUGI’s silk is natural, versatile, and easy to wash by machine.

Silk is said to be a high-quality material, but what are the benefits of silk? And what are the advantages of MUUGI's original silk fabric? Here is some information.

▽ The Benefits of Silk

▽ MUUGI’s Easy-Care Silk

▽ Characteristics of MUUGI’s Silk Rib Knit Fabric

MUUGI Silk Fabric colors

The Benefits of Silk

1. Skin Friendly

Silk’s natural fibers are made of protein, same as human skin. Silk is sometimes referred to as “second skin” for its soft, smooth feel. It does not cause irritation or discomfort, and is preferred by those with sensitive skin.

2. Breathable, Moisture Wicking, and Hydrating

Silk may not seem moisture absorbent, but in fact, silk has 1.3 to 1.5 times the ability to absorb and wick moisture compared to cotton. It can quickly absorb sweat and let it evaporate, keeping you cool and dry on a hot summer day. Since silk is breathable, it prevents bacteria proliferation and helps to maintain a healthy skin environment. Silk can also retain moisture, keeping your skin moderately hydrated. It is recommended for acne and dry, irritated skin, which are often caused by friction of synthetic fibers.

3. Thermal

Silk fibers hold multitudes of small air pockets between fibers, which act as insulators, preventing heat from escaping. Due to this thermal regulating function, silk is an optimal choice for all seasons. Warm in winter, cool and dry in the summer. It helps your body adjust to various environmental factors, such as temperature differences when you move indoors/outdoors and air conditioning in offices and trains.

4. Anti-Static Electricity

Silk fibers can contain more moisture than synthetic fibers. Silk contains moisture at 10%, which is 20 times to that of polyester. It is less prone to be charged with static electricity in dry environments. Hence, silk is also less likely to attract dust. These properties make silk ideal for underwear, and for maintaining a healthy skin environment.

5. Ultraviolet Ray Absorbent

The protein in silk, sericin, absorbs ultraviolet rays. Silk fabric can reduce skin’s exposure to ultraviolet rays. Silk’s UV protection function is said to be higher than cotton and linen. Therefore when you care for MUUGI silk underwear, after washing, we recommend that you avoid direct sunlight and line dry in shade.

MUUGI’s Easy-Care Silk

Although silk is relished as a luxury garment, it is often perceived as being hard to care for. Underwear in particular should be easy to wash in order to reduce the effort required to obtain clean underwear. Considering skin hygiene, we wanted MUUGI underwear to be easy to care for.

Therefore, MUUGI carefully selects silk yarns that are washable and the process is semi-permanent.

Generally, when silk that is not washable-processed is laundered repeatedly, the fibers become fibrillated. This fiber deterioration causes coarseness and loss of the fabric's original color.

MUUGI’s original silk fibers are processed to attain washability, and the effect is long-lasting. It can endure repeated machine washing. Also, because this processing is applied to the silk fibers before being woven into yarn, it keeps the fabric’s luxurious feel and rich color long intact.

Click to learn more about washing.

Characteristics of MUUGI’s Silk Rib Knit Fabric

When you hear the word silk, you may first think of a shiny, glossy fabric. This type of woven fabric is called satin and is commonly used in scarves, blouses, and dresses. In general, woven fabric does not stretch. This is the reason 100% silk satin fabric, with no stretchability in the yarns, has almost no stretchability.

Since it was important for MUUGI underwear to stretch and hug the body, we use silk rib knit fabric. We chose the form of circular rib knitting (also called fraise stitch), which has high horizontal stretchability, so that the garments can fit to body curves.

We also pursued the ideal balance of fabric thickness, yarn weight, stretchability, and elasticity that resets knit structure. Thus, MUUGI’s original silk fabric was born. Gently hugging and heavenly to touch, we are proud of this beautifully crafted fabric.

"I have never touched anything like this before...!" We hope you can feel the comfort of such a special fabric on your skin.

For the full story behind the development of our original Silk Circular Rib Knit Fabric, please click here.