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MUUGI (/muːɡɪ/) reimagines the underwear experience. Material, comfort, and fashionability all come together to achieve the ideal underwear.

Your Essential Comfort

Underwear is an essential. Yet, we all too often have encountered underwear disappointments. Whether it be a wasted summer dress because you didn’t own the matching lingerie, a desperate attempt to hide a bra decor, skin irritation triggered by synthetics, or a hold that is just too tight, the underwear problem is familiar to many.

Imagine the perfect fit underwear. MUUGI takes underwear to the next level. Material, design, and fashionability all come together to achieve the best essential comfort possible. Underwear is not only a covering, it can be a fashion accessory. We pledge to make your underwear experience cozy and pleasing.

The MUUGI Promise

Underwear is next to your skin. That's why we want the materials used in our underwear to be high quality and kind to your skin. We carefully hand select high quality, versatile natural materials such as silk, wool, and cotton. We appreciate their amazing utility and luxurious texture. They are the key in giving you sublime comfort.

Underwear stress can hinder your health. We pursue comfort that is soft, breathable, and hugging. A stress free fit that you can cozy up in. If you are used to wearing wire bras and tight underwear, you may need a little getting used to our softer, more relaxed support. We are confident that you will soon find MUUGI products irresistible.

Worry no more in your daily styling. You can wear a MUUGI piece on its own in an ensemble or as an undergarment.
Our products are always designed with fashion in mind.
It’s underwear that gives you creative freedom. With each piece, fashion becomes freer, easier, and simply better.

All products are designed and responsibly manufactured in Japan.

Our Signature 100% Silk Underwear

Our 100% silk rib knit bra tops, bras and panties are skin friendly and great to wear all year round. It uses originally developed fabric with a very fine 240 count silk yarn, which is extremely comfortable to wear while also giving you a non-constraining, natural fit.

About MUUGI Signature 100% Silk Underwear >

MUUGI 100% Silk Underwear Series

Also in the series are tops and bottoms that can easily become your daily go-tos. Wear on its own or layer with other garments. Discover the natural, smooth feel and comfort of our silk.

100% Silk Circular Rib Knit Series >

MUUGI 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit Fabric

MUUGI 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit Fabric >

Cotton & Silk Rib Series

Cotton & Silk Rib Series

Underwear Series, using an original blend of Supima, a fine extra-long staple cotton, and luxury silk.

Cotton’s airy cushion, combined with silk’s hydrating smoothness and subtle shine, helps to create a relaxing, stress free fit.

This rib fabric stretches and returns to shape. Gives you a comfy, stress free fit.

Cotton & Silk Rib Series >

100% Merino Wool Jersey Series

100% Merino Wool Jersey Series

The 100% Merino Wool Jersey Series uses amazingly fine merino wool.

Using ultra-fine 14.5 micron (Super 180’s) fibers, this extremely soft, jersey stitched merino wool fabric is rarely used in the market. If you are looking for skin friendly underwear, if you want to avoid prickly wool, or if you want a top to wear all year, this is the series for you.

100% Merino Wool Jersey Series >

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Series


The Pullover Series, crafted from 100% ultra fine Merino wool yarn, offers a supremely comfortable and warm wearing experience.
Designed with a concept of high-quality and minimalist style, it allows you to enjoy the comfort of the finest natural materials and offers versatile styling options for the autumn and winter seasons, whether worn alone or layered.
The circular rib fabric we've created is made from 100% ultra fine 14.5 micron Merino wool (Super 180's), which is extremely rare in the market. This fabric is exceptionally smooth and soft, with high horizontal stretch for a comfortable fit. It's the ideal basic top, offering a luxurious feel, even for those sensitive to wool's itchiness. With excellent insulation and moisture-wicking properties, it's perfect for three out of four seasons, except the hot season.

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Series >

Brushed Silk Knit Series

Brushed Silk Knit Series

A knitwear series with a soft, fluffy texture created using 100% brushed silk yarn.

This ensemble features a relaxed silhouette and an exquisite wearing experience unique to the plush texture of brushed silk yarn. The fabric, with its brushed texture, is dense and thick, providing a distinctive softness and plushness that may come as a surprising departure from traditional silk.

An effortless, relaxed mood coexists with the luxurious ambiance created by the premium material.

Brushed Silk Knit Series >

Full-Needles Silk Knit Series

Full-Needles Silk Knit Series

The 18G full-needles silk knit series uses 100% silk and has a rich, thick feel. This knit combines the smooth feel of silk with a moderately chunky texture.

We chose full-needles knitting, which gives the fabric a firm, fleshy feel even though very high gauge knitting. Since all the needles are used to knit, more yarn is used, which results in a knitted fabric with high density, luxurious thickness, and firmness.

The ribbed structure also allows the fabric to stretch in the horizontal direction, giving you a non-stressful feeling of comfort as it easily stretches when you move. It has the right amount of fleshiness and firmness to create a sleek silhouette without picking up too much of your body lines.

Full-Needles Silk Knit Series >