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100% Merino Wool Jersey 2-Way Long Sleeve Top - 3 sizes, 4 colors

2-way Long Sleeve Top, using 100% ultra-fine Merino Wool.

Our selective jersey stitched fabric is made from 100% ultra fine 14.5 micron (Super 180's) fibers, which are exceptionally rare in the market. This fabric is extremely soft and has a smooth, natural shine.

Learn more about MUUGI's Super 180's Merino Wool.

Cozy up in this light and warm, high quality garment — suitable both as an inner and outer layer. You will find your body in perfect harmony all year round.

If you want to warm up in skin friendly underwear, if you want to avoid prickly wool, this is the one for you.

We aimed for a balance that would be useful for styling with less top volume, layering with sleeveless tops and deep openings, and as an inner layer inside a knit.

Wear as underwear. Or wear on its own for a simple, relaxed look. Comfortable, snug fit. Always effortlessly elegant.

Wear from the side of your choice — a low scoop that reveals more OR a boatneck that you can style with a high neck or a turtleneck. When worn solo, the boatneck gives a modern look in the front and an elegant lower scoop in the back.

We also chose a collar specification that makes the bumps as inconspicuous as possible. Slim-fitting sleeve that falls a tad short of arm length, so it does not peek out when layered. Designed so that the sleeve is smoothed down the elbow.

Its thermo-regulating and moisture-wicking properties keep you cool in warm conditions and dry from perspiration.It maintains warmth in the cold. All-natural breathability and frictionless against skin. Recommended for sensitive skin that is prone to irritation caused by synthetic wear. The fibers are naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant, reducing the need for frequent washing. Good for activewear and convenient for travel.

This series is Woolmark certified, signifying it meets the quality standards set by the Woolmark Company.

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