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Brushed Silk Knit Jogger Pants - 2 sizes, 3 colors

Brushed Silk Knit Jogger Pants Looks

Knit jogger pants with a relaxed fit, crafted from 100% silk yarn brushed to a fluffy texture and knitted with a high gauge.

This knitwear is wrapped in a fluffy volume and offers luxurious warmth and comfort thanks to a special silk brushed technique unique to Japanese yarn manufacturers. The silk brushed yarn is knitted in a high gauge and high density to achieve a rich texture, thickness and beautiful drape.

The jogger pants feature a silhouette that offers a slight roominess in the hips and thighs, gently tapering down. By giving it just the right amount of roominess instead of a snug fit, we've created an effortless and airy ambiance. The fabric pooling at the ankle cuffs and the graceful drape when in motion add an elegant touch. Soft waistband with gentle elasticity. With side pockets.

We also recommend styling it as a set with the crew-neck pullover in the same material.

This knit is made from 100% washable silk, allowing for easy care in your home washing machine.

Enjoy the exquisite yet effortlessly relaxed ambiance created by the luxurious materials, and indulge in the ultimate in comfort, wrapped in the softest of brushed silk.

For more information about the Brushed Silk Knit Series, see also this article.

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Brushed Silk Knit Jogger Pants in Ice起毛シルクニット リラックスパンツ, アイスの着用イメージ(前)
起毛シルクニット リラックスパンツ, グレージュ(前)起毛シルクニット リラックスパンツ, グレージュの着用イメージ(前)
Brushed Silk Knit Jogger Pants in Moss起毛シルクニット リラックスパンツ, モスの着用イメージ(前)