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100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Crew Neck Pullover - 3 sizes, 4 colors

Crew Neck Pullover, using 100% ultra-fine Merino Wool circular rib knit.

The circular rib fabric we've created is made from 100% ultra fine 14.5 micron Merino wool (Super 180's), which is extremely rare in the market. This fabric is exceptionally smooth and soft, with high horizontal stretch for a comfortable fit. It's the ideal basic top, offering a luxurious feel, even for those sensitive to wool's itchiness. With excellent insulation and moisture-wicking properties, it's perfect for three out of four seasons, except the hot season.

Learn more about MUUGI's Super 180's Merino Wool.

With a slightly slim silhouette, it's perfect for wearing both as a single piece and for layering.
A modest crew neck.
The sleeves are slim and longer, allowing for various styling options like scrunching, rolling up, or wearing them extended.
Cut off at the neck edge, cuffs, and hem give it a nuanced look.
This item follows a similar concept to the classic "100% Silk Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top”.

A versatile piece for your AW styling, you can wear it on its own or use the neckline and sleeves as accent colors when layering.

To get a sense of how MUUGI is worn, see our lookbook.

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