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What does it look like to have MUUGI underwear inside a white top?

White T-shirts, white tops, and white knitwear. Especially those made of thin fabrics can easily show through underwear and cause "innerwear problems".

We tested MUUGI's 100% silk underwear with bra to see which colors were less transparent and what they looked like when transparent, choosing colors close to skin tone and lighter colors from the lineup.

  • Camisole: Try 5 colors - white, ecru, coral, camel, and gold.
  • Tops: Lightweight cotton white T-shirt. Sheer material, underwear is transparent and picks up lines.
  • Bottoms: Slightly darker beige chinos.


シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, ホワイト

シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, ホワイトを白Tシャツの中に

White contrasts strongly with skin tones, allowing the lines of the white camisole to show through. Wearing it within a white outfit and letting the white lines work will create a clean styling.

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in White >


シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, エクリュ

シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, エクリュを白Tシャツの中に

Ecru is an off-white color with a slight yellowish or pinkish tint. Thanks to this subtle tint, it blends in with skin tones and is less transparent than white, since it contrasts less with skin tones. When worn under a white T, even the camisole looks pure white. Compared to white, the presence of white lines is reduced while creating a sense of cleanliness.

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Ecru >


シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, コーラル

シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, コーラルを白Tシャツの中に

Coral is a pink color with orange nuances. Although it is a vivid color, it is also a color that blends surprisingly well with skin tones, as it is close to skin tone. The vividness of coral comes through, so wearing it inside transparent material clothes to show the color will create a brilliant styling.

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Coral (2023AW model) >


シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, キャメル

シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, キャメルを白Tシャツの中に

Camel is a nude-toned beige color with a hint of pinkish tones reminiscent of copper gold. Since it is very close to the skin tone, it would appear almost translucent.

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Camel >


シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, ゴールド

シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, ゴールドを白Tシャツの中に

Gold is a slightly darker beige color with a yellowish tone that blends well with the skin. If it is darker than the color of your skin, it may appear as if the shadow is falling a little darker in a V-shape. In the photo, you can hardly see through it, but in person, you can feel a little bit of the darker color.

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Gold >

In summary, for those who are looking for colors that are less translucent, our first recommendation is camel and gold, which can be close to skin tone.

White, ecru, and coral are a little more transparent, but each of these colors can be used to create a clean and glamorous look.

The way it looks depends on the color and material of the matching tops, as well as your skin color. Please refer to this page as an example.

Also, all colors have been carefully designed so that they do not look like "underwear" when worn transparently or when shown, so they can be used not only as innerwear, but also for styling that shows them off.