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About MUUGI Signature Silk Underwear

100% Silk Circular Rib Knit Underwear Series with stress-free comfort and minimalist design.

The series includes Tank Tops/Camisoles with Bras ("Bra tops"), two types of bras (Bralette and Bandeau Bra), and three styles of Panties/Briefs.

Silk underwear is highly recommended for those with sensitive skin looking for high quality garments, and those who prefer a natural fit to a tight hold.

Our Signature 100% Silk Underwear

3 Features of MUUGI Silk Underwear

1. Natural and versatile for everyday use. Easy-care 100% Silk.

- Naturally sourced and skin friendly

We use fine 100% silk fabric. We pursue only the best when selecting material that comes in direct contact with your skin.

Silk is naturally hydrating, breathable, thermal regulating, and suitable for all seasons. It is non-abrasive and is less likely to cause irritations. In the summer, it wicks sweat away and keeps you cool and dry. In the winter, it keeps you warm and does not trap moisture, so you are comfortable in both warm and cold environments. It is especially recommended for those with dry, sensitive skin. Enjoy silk’s soft, smooth, luxurious feel.

About MUUGI's Silk Fabric >

MUUGI 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit Fabric

- Machine washable and wearable daily

We wanted MUUGI underwear to be practical for daily use. So we selected machine washable silk instead of hand washable. You can easily wash it in your home washing machine. The silk fibers are processed and made washable before being spun into yarn, so no worries– washability is still retained after machine wash. Read here for how to care for your silk underwear.

2. Never overly tight, always comfy and stress free.

- Non constraining

We dedicate our energy to creating underwear experiences that feel natural. MUUGI underwear does not sculpt your body like shapewear or push-up bras. We do not use wires nor any tight elastic to constrain body parts. A MUUGI underwear gently touches to your body in a snug fit, giving you natural support.

- Smooth, relaxed fit

MUUGI silk underwear is designed to fit your figure. It gently hugs your body so you are free to breathe and move. It has a relaxed fit and does not constrict, nor does its support make you feel insecure.

Our stretchable, circular rib knit silk fabric was developed and manufactured exclusively for MUUGI. Compared to jersey, which is commonly used in T-shirts, circular rib knit stretches more horizontally, thus snugly fitting the body's curves. We use very thin silk yarn No.240, which gives the fabric a delicate and elegant feel. With its smoothness and its body fitting property, this original fabric is ideal for making underwear.

Learn more about our factory and fabric craftsmanship in this article.

MUUGI silk underwear elasticity

In order for MUUGI underwear to fit just right in the bust area, we use a soft-fitting elastic band that goes full circle under the bust. So when you bend down or get active, your bust is fully supported and stays in place. Rest assured, MUUGI products are designed to give you the support you need.

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra inside

3. Always in style, whether solo or layered.

- Sophistication in the details

It also features a design that focuses on the beauty of the garment when worn alone, as well as a fashionable color palette.

The delicate texture of the silk and the minimalist design give you the choice of wearing it as an outfit.  You can style it with other pieces from your wardrobe, such as sheer pullovers.

When worn as an undergarment, its minimalist design - no lace, no ribbons - and refined finish make it unnoticeable from outer layers.

- Great for styling

If you are looking for underwear to coordinate with sheer garments or wide/deep necklines, look no further. MUUGI has a lineup of three types of underwear with bra that you can style for any occasion. Any issues you may have had with visible bra straps or bras exposed through sleeve openings are solved. Have fun incorporating MUUGI into your daily styling.

- Flattering breast silhouettes for all

Some wireless bras and bra tops can make the breasts look spread or sag, creating an unattractive silhouette without supporting the breasts. To avoid this, MUUGI underwear with bra is thoughtfully designed. Meticulously crafted, they support the natural flow of your curves without tightly binding or pushing up artificially. MUUGI underwear brings out the beauty of your natural body curves.

If you are looking for slim silhouettes, we recommend our tank top with bra. Our tank top with bra will snugly fit your curves and moderately show skin around the shoulders, making you feel cozy and sexy.

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra in Ecru

MUUGI SIlk Underwear Collection

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra

Relaxed fit tank top with a flattering silhouette. Soft and body hugging.
100% Silk Tank Top with Bra >

100% Silk Camisole with Bra

V-neckline camisole for an elegant, minimalist look.
100% Silk Camisole with Bra >

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra

Simple, bare-type camisole with a straight across neckline.
100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra >

100% Silk Bralette

A minimalist triangle bralette with a delicate design and light wear.
100% Silk Bralette >

100% Silk Bandeau Bra

Bandeau bra featuring a flat, straight neckline and a moderate crop length.
100% Silk Bandeau Bra >

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties

Basic panty made of 100% silk. With leg band.
100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties >

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band

Basic panty made of 100% silk. Without leg band.
100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band >

100% Silk Full Boyleg Briefs

High waist, low leg brief made of 100% silk. With leg band.
100% Silk Full Boyleg Briefs >

100% Silk Long Boy Shorts

It can be worn as long boy shorts on its own or layered as leggings over your own panties.
100% Silk Long Boy Shorts >

100% Silk Camisole

Plain camisole to wear with a bra or bralette you own.
100% Silk Camisole >