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Full-Needles Silk Knit Series

The 18G full-needles silk knit series uses 100% silk and has a rich, thick feel. This knit combines the smooth feel of silk with a moderately chunky texture.

We chose full-needles knitting, which gives the fabric a firm, fleshy feel even though very high gauge knitting. Since all the needles are used to knit, more yarn is used, which results in a knitted fabric with high density, luxurious thickness and firmness.

The ribbed structure also allows the fabric to stretch in the horizontal direction, giving you a non-stressful feeling of comfort as it easily stretches when you move. It has the right amount of fleshiness and firmness to create a sleek silhouette without picking up too much of your body lines.

Made of 100% washable silk, which can be easily washed in your washing machine at home.

Wear it directly on your skin and discover a new level of comfort with the smooth, luxurious feel of silk.

For more information about the Full-Needles Silk Knit Series, see also this article.