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100% Merino Wool Jersey Leggings - 2 sizes, 4 colors

Long Leggings, using 100% ultra-fine Merino Wool.

Perfect for those seeking warmth and insulation around the waist and legs without sacrificing style, these high-waisted leggings provide a snug fit from the waist down to the ankles, thanks to the soft and luxurious Merino Wool fabric.

Our selective jersey stitched fabric is made from 100% ultra fine 14.5 micron (Super 180's) fibers, which are exceptionally rare in the market. This fabric is extremely soft and has a smooth, natural shine.

Learn more about MUUGI's Super 180's Merino Wool.

100% Merino Wool Jersey Leggings Detail(crotch)
100% Merino Wool Jersey Leggings Detail(hem)

No elastic is used in the waist or leg line, taking advantage of the stretch of the fabric. Wraps you in non-binding, soft comfort. Double-layered in the waist. Softly fits your curves. Thermal fabric keeps your belly warm.

The double-layered cuffs at the ankles ensure complete coverage and enhanced insulation, making them ideal for combating the chill.

To maximize comfort, we've designed the seams on the thigh area to be outward-facing, minimizing any uncomfortable prickly sensations against your skin.

  • Thermal
  • Recommended for dry, flaky skin
  • Prevents sweat marks
  • Inner pants for sheer clothing
  • A warm base layer for outdoor and cold weather clothing

This series is Woolmark certified, signifying it meets the quality standards set by the Woolmark Company.

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メリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, ホワイトメリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, ホワイトの着用イメージ(前)
メリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, キャメルメリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, キャメルの着用イメージ(斜め前)
メリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, トープメリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, トープの着用イメージ(前)
メリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, ブラックメリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, ブラックの着用イメージ(前)