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100% Silk Leggings - 2 size, 6 colors

100% Silk Leggings Looks

Long leggings, using fine 100% silk circular rib knit.

Our unique 100% silk fabric lightly adheres to your body. A gently hugging, snug fit.

Thin silk fabric is naturally hydrating, breathable, thermal regulating, quickly absorbing and releasing perspiration, making it comfortable to wear even during the sweaty season. Also recommended when there is a large difference in temperature within a day.

It can be used in all seasons, from summer to winter, as a protection against cold or rough skin, or when you want to protect your precious clothes from stains.

With a relatively narrow fit, this garment contours naturally to the body.

Very thin and does not appear bulky when layered. High waist with coverage around the belly, keeping you warm. Soft waistband is non-binding and comfy.

100% Silk Leggings Detail

Seams stitched on the outside so it is non-abrasive, especially in the thighs where skin is more sensitive to prickly sensations.

Simple hems with overlocked finish.

100% Silk Leggings Detail

  • Thermal
  • Recommended for dry, flaky skin in the hips and legs
  • Prevents sweat marks
  • An inner pant for sheer clothing
  • A warm base layer for outdoor and cold weather clothing
  • For Loungewear/Sleepwear

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シルク100%レギンス, エクリュシルク100%レギンス, エクリュの着用イメージ(前)
100% Silk Leggings in Ecru Sale price¥15,950
シルク100%レギンス, キャメルシルク100%レギンス, キャメルの着用イメージ(前)
100% Silk Leggings in Camel Sale price¥15,950
シルク100%レギンス, ゴールドシルク100%レギンス, ゴールドの着用イメージ(前)
100% Silk Leggings in Gold Sale price¥15,950
シルク100%レギンス, トープシルク100%レギンス, トープの着用イメージ(前)
100% Silk Leggings in Taupe Sale price¥15,950
シルク100%レギンス, チャコールシルク100%レギンス, チャコールの着用イメージ(前)
シルク100%レギンス, ブラックシルク100%レギンス, ブラックの着用イメージ(前)
100% Silk Leggings in Black Sale price¥15,950