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100% Silk Bralette - 3 sizes, 8 colors

100% Silk Bralette in Taupe

A minimalist triangle bralette made from 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit.

Unlike silk satin, our 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit is stretchy and hugging. We embrace simplicity in our design, not using any decor, so our underwear is less noticeable when layered over. Find peace in a comfortable, sophisticated look.

It is a bralette characterized by its slender, delicate design devoid of decorations, offering a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience. The fabric coverage is minimal, with a flat design that minimizes darts and stitches. The back is a hookless pullover style, and all fabric touching the skin is 100% silk.

To create a delicate impression while enhancing the fit, we've added an elastic band all around the underbust and incorporated soft elastic within the fabric straps. This ensures that the bra comfortably follows the body's movements, maintaining a snug fit.

The back features a stark style with a thin straight line along the underbust and slender shoulder straps extending vertically from there. We have meticulously crafted this delicate and minimalist back design.

100% Silk Bralette in Charcoal

The spaghetti shoulder straps are made from the same silk fabric as the body and have a soft elastic inserted inside them, allowing them to gently adhere to the body without digging in. Adjustable from the back.

  • Triangular cups. Natural cleavage, without any over-lifting.
  • Cup is removable.
  • Soft-fitting elastic band goes full circle under the bust, giving you gentle support.
  • Strap adjusters come in gold, silver, or black, stylishly complementing the bra color.
100% Silk Bralette inside

The bralette boasts a slender and delicate triangular minimal silhouette and an austere back style. With no darts at the chest or hooks at the back that might show under clothing, it wears elegantly under sheer or backless garments.

The bralette is particularly recommended for those who prefer a delicate design and a light, comfortable fit. It doesn't offer the corrective features of a wired bra, but it avoids the too-loose feel of just any fabric-only design, which can feel insecure. Perfect for those who dislike tightness, it provides a light and enjoyable wearing experience.

To get a sense of how MUUGI is worn, see our lookbook.

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シルク100%ブラレット, エクリュ(前)シルク100%ブラレット, エクリュ(後)
100% Silk Bralette in Ecru Sale price¥12,100
シルク100%ブラレット, キャメル(前)シルク100%ブラレット, キャメル(後)
100% Silk Bralette in Camel Sale price¥12,100
シルク100%ブラレット, ゴールド(前)シルク100%ブラレット, ゴールド(後)
100% Silk Bralette in Gold Sale price¥12,100
シルク100%ブラレット, ミント(前)シルク100%ブラレット, ミント(後)
100% Silk Bralette in Mint Sale price¥12,100
シルク100%ブラレット, オリーブ(前)シルク100%ブラレット, オリーブ(後)
100% Silk Bralette in Olive Sale price¥12,100
シルク100%ブラレット, トープ(前)シルク100%ブラレット, トープ(後)
100% Silk Bralette in Taupe Sale price¥12,100
シルク100%ブラレット, チャコール(前)シルク100%ブラレット, チャコール(後)
シルク100%ブラレット, ブラック(前)シルク100%ブラレット, ブラック(後)
100% Silk Bralette in Black Sale price¥12,100