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コットンシルクリブ キャミソール(カップ付き)- 2サイズ・4色

Cotton & Silk Rib Camisole with Bra - 2 sizes, 4 colors

Cotton & Silk Rib Camisole with Bra Looks

Camisole with Built-in Bra, using cotton & silk rib knit.

Our rib fabric is an original blend of Supima, a fine extra-long staple cotton, and luxury silk.

Cotton’s airy cushion, combined with silk’s hydrating smoothness and subtle shine, helps to create a relaxing, stress free fit. This rib fabric stretches and resets form. Gives you a comfy, stress free fit.

Rib knit that is moderately thick. Fits to your body and hides cleanly under clothing. Wear it on its own for a minimalist look.

Dress up with confidence or lounge at home in a MUUGI. Lightweight comfort, flattering silhouette design and fashionable hue, all in one. Choose from four colors. Sizes in S/M. Fabric stretches horizontally and fits a wide range of body sizes.

The camisole features an elegant V-cut line that gently curves.
V-neckline with more bust coverage compared to 100% Silk Camisole with Bra elegantly sits on your skin. Go confident in a flattering silhouette.

Spaghetti shoulder straps use same cotton & silk fabric as body. Softly adheres to the body without digging in. Adjustable from the back.

  • Demi coverage bra cup. Natural cleavage, without any over-lifting. Cup angle is adjustable to fit the bust.
  • Cup is removable. Wear with a bra of choice, depending on preference.
  • Soft-fitting elastic band goes full circle under the bust, giving you gentle support.
  • Strap adjusters come in gold, silver, or black, stylishly complementing the camisole color.
  • Cup is inserted from a side slit, and safely enclosed.

To get a sense of how MUUGI is worn, see our lookbook.

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コットンシルクリブ キャミソール, カップ付き, オフホワイト(前)コットンシルクリブ キャミソール, カップ付き, オフホワイト(後)
コットンシルクリブ キャミソール, カップ付き, カーキグレー(前)コットンシルクリブ キャミソール, カップ付き, カーキグレー(後)
コットンシルクリブ キャミソール, カップ付き, チョコレート(前)コットンシルクリブ キャミソール, カップ付き, チョコレート(後)
Sold outコットンシルクリブ キャミソール, カップ付き, ブラック(前)コットンシルクリブ キャミソール, カップ付き, ブラック(後)