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100% Silk High Neck Top - 3 sizes, 5 colors

100% Silk High Neck Top Looks

High neck top, using fine 100% silk circular rib knit.

Our unique silk fabric lightly adheres to your body. A gently hugging, snug fit.

Super comfy, non-binding high neckline. Slightly slim-fit silhouette. Wear on its own or layer with other garments.

Double-layered neck fits naturally, rising midway in an elegant fashion. Stretchy fabric does not constrain the neck. A gentle wrap that gives you utmost comfort. Well-liked even by those who tend to find turtlenecks and high necks stuffy and binding.

Sleeves slightly longer than the wrist. Free to wear scrunched, folded or smoothed out. Enjoy its delicate feel.

The 100% silk fabric is a versatile material that is cool in summer and warm in winter. Experience the comfort of the skin-friendly 100% silk fabric close to your skin in all seasons.

This high neck top is suitable for those who do not like the tightness, stinginess, and steaminess around the neck area that is characteristic of high necks and turtlenecks.

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シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, ホワイト(前)シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, ホワイトの着用イメージ(前)
シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, エクリュ(前)シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, エクリュの着用画像(前)
シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, トープ(前)シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, トープの着用イメージ(前)
シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, ネイビー(前)シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, ネイビーの着用イメージ(前)
Sold outシルク100%ハイネックカットソー, ブラック(前)シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, ブラックの着用イメージ(前)