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100% Silk Long Sleeve Tee - 3 sizes, 5 colors

100% Silk Long Sleeve Tee Looks

Basic Long Sleeve Tee, using fine 100% silk circular rib knit.

Our unique silk fabric lightly adheres to your body. A gently hugging, snug fit.

Wear on its own or layer with other garments.

Crew neck with a classic silhouette. Rounded neck with 12mm ribbing and long sleeves. A basic wear for all seasons.

It is ideal for wearing solo, or for layerling. The moderately open neckline makes it a good choice for those looking for a long-sleeved top that can be used as an inner layer.

The 100% silk fabric is a versatile material that is cool in summer and warm in winter. Experience the comfort of the skin-friendly 100% silk fabric close to your skin in all seasons.

We also have "100% Silk Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top" as a long-sleeved top in the same 100% silk fabric. Please see this article for the difference between the two.

To get a sense of how MUUGI is worn, see our lookbook.

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シルク100%長袖カットソー, ホワイト(前)シルク100%長袖カットソー, ホワイトの着用イメージ(前)
シルク100%長袖カットソー, ゴールド(前)シルク100%長袖カットソー, ゴールドの着用イメージ(前)
シルク100%長袖カットソー, トープ(前)シルク100%長袖カットソー, トープの着用イメージ(斜め前)
シルク100%長袖カットソー, ネイビー(前)シルク100%長袖カットソー, ネイビーの着用イメージ(斜め前)
シルク100%長袖カットソー, ブラック(前)シルク100%長袖カットソー, ブラックの着用イメージ(斜め前)