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Article: 100% Silk Tank Top with Bra, now in a new color, camel!

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra, now in a new color, camel!

The camel color that has been popular in camisoles is now also available in tank tops with bra.

シルク100%タンクトップ, カップ付き, キャメル

Camel, a mild color for all skin tones. A chic, light copper with a hint of sensual pink. Good to wear under a whitish/sheer top.

> 100% Silk Tank Top with Bra in Camel

This brings the total number of colors available for our 100% silk tank tops with bras to six. We hope you will enjoy choosing the color that best fits your favorite color and how you would like to style it with your existing clothes.


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100% silk camisole with bra in two new colors!

Two new colors, ecru and camel, are now available for the 100% silk camisole with bra. Ecru in a light, warm, yellowish off-white with a tint of pink. Has a natural, sophisticated, pearl-like shin...

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Two new types of top from 100% silk circular rib fabrics series are now available!

MUUGI's new long-sleeved and short-sleeved tops are now available.Please try this silk, a superb material that is gentle to the skin, cool in summer, and warm in winter, as your daily basic wear. ...

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