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Article: Two new types of top from 100% silk circular rib fabrics series are now available!

Two new types of top from 100% silk circular rib fabrics series are now available!

MUUGI's new long-sleeved and short-sleeved tops are now available.
Please try this silk, a superb material that is gentle to the skin, cool in summer, and warm in winter, as your daily basic wear.

100% Silk Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top

Using MUUGI's original silk circular rib fabric, which is popular for underwear, we have created a long-sleeved top.

The body of the garment is made slightly slimmer because we want the delicate knit fabric to stretch comfortably against the skin.
The cuffs and collar are carefully designed to make it an item that can be worn as outerwear.

The sleeves are slightly slim and long. When straightened out, they hang at the fingertips, and even when tucked in, they remain delicate and do not lean. This detail is also useful for layering.

The crew neck is slightly tucked in. The delicate cut is finished with an elegant impression.

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100% Silk Short-sleeve Tee

Using the same fabric, we have created a compact T-shirt that can be used all year round.
The body and sleeves are made in a compact fitting so that it can be worn alone or as an inner layer against sweat.
The soft and stretchy circular rib fabric is flexible enough to be snuggled against the skin without being loose.

Worn alone, it makes a slightly tight-fitting top.
It can also be used all year round as an inner layer to protect your precious clothes from sweat stains and dirt or to prevent underwear from becoming transparent.

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The 100% silk fabric is soft and comfortable even in the hot season, and is the perfect material for spending the coming season in comfort.
Please experience it for yourself!

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100% Silk Tank Top with Bra, now in a new color, camel!

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A new type of 100% silk underwear, bare camisole with bra, is now available.

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