100% silk camisole with bra in two new colors!

Two new colors, ecru and camel, are now available for the 100% silk camisole with bra.

Ecru in a light, warm, yellowish off-white with a tint of pink. Has a natural, sophisticated, pearl-like shine. Compared to all white, Ecru blends better with skin tones, and is less noticeable under clothing.

It is also effective as an inner layer for white to cream T-shirts, blouses, and tops for a subtle white V-line effect. 

> 100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Ecru

Camel, a mild color for all skin tones. A chic, light copper with a hint of sensual pink. Good to wear under a whitish/sheer top.

> 100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Camel

The 100% silk camisole with bra is now available in a total of seven colors. We hope you will enjoy choosing the one that best fits your favorite color or the way you want to style it with your existing clothes.