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Article: Ecru has been added to the 100% silk camisole.

Ecru has been added to the 100% silk camisole.

Ecru, a popular color in the silk underwear series, has been added to the simple silk camisole.

This simple camisole made of stretchy circular rib fabric is designed to be worn over your bra.

The ecru color, which has a gentle pink hue, is a popular color that many people choose to coordinate with multiple models in ecru. We have often received requests for an ecru color option for a camisole without cups, and so we have decided to add it as a new color.

Ecru is a color that combines a little bit of red and yellow with white, resulting in a beige color with a slightly reddish or white-pinkish hue. Although it is somewhat see-through, its faint pink and yellow tones blend well with skin tones and make it slightly less transparent compared to white.

When worn under white or sheer tops, it gives the impression of wearing a white inner garment.

100% Silk Camisole in Ecru

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