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Article: The Debut of 100% Silk Bralette and Bandeau Bra

The Debut of 100% Silk Bralette and Bandeau Bra

We are excited to announce the addition of the Bralette and Bandeau Bra to our 100% Silk Circular Rib Series. Previously, MUUGI has released three types of bra tops, and now we are introducing two new bra-type products to our lineup.

100% Silk Bralette and Bandeau Bra

From its inception, MUUGI has cherished the concept of using only the finest fabrics that are gentle on both the skin and body, crafted into comfortable designs with a minimalist and sophisticated style devoid of embellishments. We are thrilled to announce the completion of a bra type product that embodies this very concept.

We have spent over two years since the initial concept, diligently exploring various designs and specifications and repeatedly testing prototypes. Some of you might have seen the prototype model at a pop-up event more than a year ago. For those who have been wondering why it has not yet been released, the reason is that we were not completely satisfied and continued to refine it endlessly until we achieved the desired quality.

Unlike bra tops / bra camisoles, bras have a smaller fabric area, which significantly alters the aesthetic appeal, bust fit, and comfort when designed using the same specifications as before. To reconcile the seemingly contradictory elements of a non-constrictive, comfortable fit and a secure feeling around the bust, we have undertaken detailed adjustments and explored different specifications that also consider the beauty of the silhouette and ease of coordination. As a result, we are excited to announce the launch of two different styles: the Bralette and the Bandeau Bra.


100% Silk Bralette in Taupe

The Bralette is a minimalist triangle bra. It boasts a beautiful, delicate, and understated design that looks appealing even when worn visibly. Surprisingly, given its appearance, it offers a remarkable fit.

The fabric coverage is relatively minimal, with a flat design that avoids darts, stitches, and other typical features as much as possible. The back features a pullover style without any hooks, and all fabric touching the skin is 100% silk.

To create a delicate impression while enhancing the fit, we've added an elastic band all around the underbust and incorporated soft elastic within the fabric straps. This ensures that the bra comfortably follows the body's movements, maintaining a snug fit.

This bra does not have the corrective function of a wired bra but avoids the overly loose fit of a merely fabric-supported style, which can feel insecure. It's perfect for those who dislike tight constriction, offering a light and comfortable wearing experience.

The back features a stark style with a thin straight line along the underbust and slender shoulder straps extending vertically from there. We have meticulously crafted this delicate and minimalist back design.

100% Silk Bralette and Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band in Camel

The bralette boasts a slender and delicate triangular minimal silhouette and an austere back style. With no darts at the chest or hooks at the back that might show under clothing, it wears elegantly under sheer or backless garments.

This bralette is highly recommended for those who appreciate a delicate design and a light, comfortable fit.

100% Silk Bralette >

100% Silk Bralette and Mid-Rise Panties in Ecru


100% Silk Bandeau Bra and Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band in Charcoal

The Bandeau Bra is slightly longer than a regular bra but shorter than a cropped top, offering a convenient length for everyday wear. It provides a relatively firm hold and that is easy to style for visible wear. The straight line and moderate length add a fashionable, modish impression.

The straight neckline features a stitch-free, flat design for a clean look. A soft elastic runs all around the inside of the straight part, ensuring a snug fit around the bust without any uncomfortable tightness.
*While the "100% Silk Bare Camisole" features a binder at the straight part of the bust, this item uses a flat design.

The outermost layer of fabric gently conforms to the skin, making it easy to wear as clothing without the appearance of being underwear.

An elastic band runs all around the underbust to gently support the bust. The elastic is encased in the same fabric, ensuring it doesn't touch the skin directly. Soft elastic is also inserted within the fabric binders of the shoulder straps.

The bandeau bra features a fashionable straight neckline and a moderate length that is easy to style for visible wear. It is versatile for styling under cropped tops, sheer tops, or inside jackets.

With a design that covers the entire bust area, it offers a relatively firmer hold among MUUGI’s underwear. This bra is highly recommended for those who prefer a snug fit at the bust and are looking for stylish underwear that can be fashionably displayed.

100% Silk Bandeau Bra >

100% Silk Bandeau Bra in Olive
100% Silk Bandeau Bra in Gold


We are pleased to announce the completion of two bras made from 100% Silk Circular Rib Knit, which is gentle on both the skin and body. Featuring two different styles, each with unique fits and designs, we hope you will try them according to your preferences and styling needs.

100% Silk Bralette >

100% Silk Bandeau Bra >

100% Silk Bralette and Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band in Mint
100% Silk Bandeau Bra in White

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