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Article: A new color, white, is now also available in the 100% silk underwear series!

A new color, white, is now also available in the 100% silk underwear series!

A new color, white, of 100% silk circular rib knit fabric will be introduced to the underwear series, following the long-sleeved tops.

Six lineups are available: three types of underwear with cups (Tank Top, Camisole, Bare Camisole) and three types of panties (Mid-Rise Panties, Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band, Full Boyleg Briefs).

We hope you will incorporate the snowy, transparent white color into your daily styling.

シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付きと足ぐりゴムなしショーツ, ホワイト

シルク100%タンクトップ, カップ付きとハイウエストショーツ, ホワイト

シルク100%ベアキャミソール, カップ付きと足ぐりゴムなしショーツ, ホワイト

White has been requested by many customers for some time.
The existing color lineup includes ecru, an off-white color with a slight pinkish or yellowish tint. However, we thought that "the white" without color should also be available for daily coordination, so we developed the color to be as clear white as possible.
Because silk is such a delicate material, it does not have the fluorescent bluish whiteness of a pure white cotton T-shirt, but has a faint yellowish whiteness.

The clear whiteness, combined with the luster of silk, brings a soft transparency and creates an impression of freshness and cleanliness.

Comparing the existing color ecru and white, the differences are as follows.

シルク100タンクトップ, ホワイトとエクリュ

(Left) White is a clear white color with a slight yellowish tint. Combined with the luster of silk, it looks pure white depending on the light. Compared to ecru, the contrast with the skin tone is stronger, making it slightly more translucent.
(Right) Ecru is a color that looks like white mixed with reddish and yellowish tones. It can be described as a reddish light beige or white pink. Because it has a hint of pinkish and yellowish tones, it blends well with skin tones and is slightly less translucent than white.

We hope you will try our new basic color white.

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra in White >

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in White >

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra in White >

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties in White >

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band in White >

100% Silk Full Boyleg Briefs in White >

シルク100%キャミソール, カップ付き, ホワイト

シルク100%タンクトップ, カップ付き, ホワイト

シルク100%ベアキャミソール, カップ付き, ホワイト

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