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Article: New 100% silk panties are born - mid-rise panties with leg bands.

New 100% silk panties are born - mid-rise panties with leg bands.

The new type panties made of 100% silk original fabric are now available.
The concept of the new model is "100% silk, minimalist design without any decoration and without constricting the body", and the leg bands improve the fit to the hips. The shape is similar to the existing '100% silk mid-rise panties without leg band', but with a slightly larger fabric area at the hips and leg bands to gently wrap the hips.

We have already sold a total of five types of panties, which have been used by many people and we have heard a variety of feedback and opinions through customer surveys and pop-ups.
We then asked ourselves, as the next addition to our line-up, whether we could create silk panties with a slightly better fit, while keeping the MUUGI concept of "no constriction". We decided to develop a mid-rise type with leg band.

The most important point is that even with elastic around the legs, the garment does not feel tight in the groin area. We asked the factory to repeat various prototypes and arrived at a pattern that fits the hips well but is not constrictive, and a gentle looseness of the elastic insertion.
The basic leg, rather than a low leg, allows for good leg movement, and the elastic around the leg is longer, so it is less constricting. The design is also comfortable for those who are concerned about the panties digging into their thighs when they sit down, for example.
The fabric area on the outside of the hips is larger than that of the 100% silk mid-rise panties without leg band, and the design gently wraps the hips. It is also designed to be difficult to come up when moving.

In comparison, the existing '100% silk mid-rise panties without leg band' have a more open feel due to the absence of elastic in the groin area. In addition, the coverage in the hip area is slightly smaller, which gives a subtle sensuality to the appearance. Recommended for those who are particularly uncomfortable with tightness in the groin area and for those who prioritise openness and comfort over fit around the legs and hips.

The new 100% silk mid-rise panties are recommended for those who do not like tightness, but want a certain degree of fit and security around the hips.


Left: 100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band, Right: 100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties


Left: 100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band, Right: 100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties

MUUGI now has a total of six panties in its range: three silk panties, one merino wool panties and two cotton silk ribbed panties.
Please refer to this page for a comparison and differences between all six types.
> Differences between the various types of panties

We hope you will find the panties that are comfortable for you.

> Click here for 100% silk mid-rise panties

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