A new type of 100% silk underwear, bare camisole with bra, is now available.

A new type of "bare camisole" is now available in the 100% silk underwear series using MUUGI's original fabric.
This camisole with bra has a straight line at the bust.
the straight line at a slightly deeper position brings a sensual impression while still providing a sense of security around the bust.

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra >

The stoic straight line of the bust is slightly deeper. We sought a balance between a sense of security around the bust and a sense of modesty.

Compared to MUUGI V-neck type camisole, it has more fabric around the bust and fits better, so it is safe to put under clothes with large openings. This is also recommended when you want to wear it under transparent clothes and want to reduce exposure more than the V-neck type.
This type can be used in a variety of styling, such as in transparent tops, jackets and shirts, and inside clothes with large openings.

The 100% silk underwear series with bra is now available in three types: tank tops, camisoles (V-neck type), and the newly released bare camisole (straight type).
Please enjoy the variations according to your preferences and styling compatibility with your existing clothes.

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra >