100% Merino Wool High Waist Shorts in Camel

¥9,900 (税込)

High waist boyshorts, using ultra fine 100% Merino Wool.

Recommended for sensitive skin that is prone to irritation caused by synthetic wear, or for those who want to keep their stomach warm but do not want to feel bloated.

Using ultra fine 14.5 micron (super180) fibers, this extremely soft, jersey stitched merino wool fabric is rarely used in the market.

Thanks to its thermo-regulating and moisture wicking features, it’s great clothes not only in the cold season but also for all seasons. Antibacterial and odor resistant. Good for activewear and convenient for travel.

Learn more about MUUGI's Super 180's Merino Wool Fabric.

No elastic is used in the waist or leg line, taking advantage of the stretch of the fabric. Wraps you in non-binding, soft comfort. Double-layered in the waist. Softly fits your curves. Thermal fabric keeps your belly warm. Short hits at the upper thigh and does not dig in. Thighs kept warm and free to move.
Seams are stitched on the outside so it is non-abrasive, especially in the thighs where skin is more sensitive to prickly sensations.
Comes with no gusset. Wear over another brief/panty you own. 

  • Thermal
  • Recommended for dry, flaky skin around the hips
  • Prevents sweat marks
  • Inner pants for sheer
  • A warm base layer for outdoor and cold weather clothing
  • For Loungewear/Sleepwear

Camel, a mild color for all skin tones. A chic, light copper with a hint of sensual pink. Good to wear under a whitish/sheer bottom.

Made in Japan
Composition: 100% Merino Wool

Each piece by MUUGI is made of natural material, and may differ a little in color and size.

  • Using ultra fine 14.5μ (super180’s) fibers, this extremely soft, jersey stitched merino wool fabric is rarely used in the market.
  • All our fabrics and garments are manufactured in Japan. An epitome of Japanese craftsmanship excellence.

For more information on our merino wool fabric, click here.

Our 100% Merino Wool Series uses ultra fine 14.5μ fibers, equal to or finer than cashmere, with a shrink-resistant finish that can be washed in water at home.

  • Be sure to use neutral detergent, or ‘Delicate Wash’ detergent. Use of a mild alkaline detergent may cause shrinkage. Use of fabric softener is also recommended. Please refrain from using bleach.
  • Be sure to place your clothes in the mesh laundry bag.
  • Hand wash or select a cold, delicate cycle on your washing machine, which is usually called ‘delicate’ or ‘Hand Wash’.

For more information on how to wash and care, click here.

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