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Article: Introducing 100% Brushed Silk Knit Top and Bottom

Introducing 100% Brushed Silk Knit Top and Bottom

As the second installment of MUUGI's knitwear products, we are proud to introduce 100% brushed silk knit items. We have prepared pullovers and jogger pants crafted from silk yarn that has been delicately brushed to create a soft and fluffy texture.

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover & Jogger Pants in Moss Look

What we hold dear as our brand concept is an unwavering commitment to utilizing the finest natural materials, pursuing comfort, and embracing minimalist and refined design. Under this concept, we have carefully considered and crafted fashion items that offer a blend of casual and relaxed ease while maintaining an air of sophistication.

In essence, it means creating garments that delight the body with luxurious comfort by using the highest quality natural fibers, exuding a sense of luxury and elegance, yet maintaining an effortless mood that doesn't feel overly formal.

It was during this journey that we discovered brushed silk yarn created through the special techniques unique to Japanese yarn manufacturers. By knitting this yarn at a high gauge with a dense weave, we achieved a fabric with a pronounced sense of volume, thickness, resilience, and a delightful drape. When you hold it in your hands, you'll be amazed by the texture, and many have exclaimed, "Is this really 100% silk?" It's a truly remarkable quality.

And to make the most of this knit, we've created a pullover and jogger pants ensemble with a look reminiscent of a sweatshirt set. These items combine a relaxed mood, similar to wearing sweatsuit, with a luxurious ambiance created by the premium material. You can enjoy the supreme comfort of being enveloped in the generous and soft knit texture. Additionally, the brushed texture provides warmth and makes it an ideal choice for the upcoming seasons.

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover & Jogger Pants in Ice Look

The crew-neck pullover features a relaxed silhouette reminiscent of a sweatshirt. It has a slightly dropped shoulder, a spacious body width, and is finished with a balanced touch of sophistication with a slightly shorter length and longer ribbed cuffs, and hem.

The jogger pants feature a silhouette that offers a slight roominess in the hips and thighs, gently tapering down. By giving it just the right amount of roominess instead of a snug fit, we've created an effortless and airy ambiance. The fabric pooling at the ankle cuffs and the graceful drape when in motion add an elegant touch.

The combination of quality materials and a relaxed silhouette makes these pieces versatile and suitable for a range of styles, from casual to elegant, whether you're on the go or off. Depending on how you style them with other items and accessories, you can enjoy a wide range of outfit possibilities. Of course, wearing the set as a coordinated outfit is a great choice, but we also recommend incorporating the pullover and pants separately into your wardrobe.

We hope you can enjoy the elegant yet effortlessly relaxed ambiance brought by these luxurious materials not only in your daily life but also in moments like when traveling or when you want to unwind on an airplane journey.

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover & Jogger Pants in Greige Look

The color selection consists of three options: Ice, Greige, and Moss. Rather than opting for basic colors like black or gray, we deliberately chose nuanced shades that enhance the soft, fluffy texture of this knit.

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover in Ice Look

"Ice" is a cool-toned, light gray with a hint of mint blue. It offers the versatility of a pale gray while providing an elegant brightness reminiscent of powder blue, adding a dreamy touch without being overly sweet.

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover in Greige Look

"Greige" is an ambiguous intermediate color, much like a mix of beige, brown, and gray, with a subtle warmth that accentuates the sense of high-quality materials. Under different lighting conditions, you can also detect a hint of reddish undertone. Being one of the basic colors, it effortlessly complements various other shades, exuding an elegant naturalness.

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover in Moss Look

"Moss" is a color reminiscent of the space between a very deep green and charcoal. When exposed to light, it shimmers with a hint of olive, and in low light, it has the depth of charcoal gray. There's a subtle hint of color-blended yarn-like nuances, highlighting the brushed texture of the fabric.

The sizes available are Medium and Large, allowing you to choose your preferred silhouette. This silk is also machine-washable, so you can wash it in your own washing machine. Be sure to place it in a laundry bag, use a neutral detergent (such as a gentle detergent for delicate clothing), and select a gentle cycle (such as a dry or soft cycle). Afterward, reshape it and dry it flat.

The existing "18G Full-Needles Silk Knit" is also 100% silk material, but there is a difference in texture due to variations in the yarn. The "Brushed Silk Knit," uses yarn that uses has been brushed, resulting in a thicker and more voluminous knit than the "Full-Needles Silk Knit." This provides enhanced warmth and insulation. "Full-Needles Silk Knit", on the other hand, is made with a finer yarn and a higher gauge, giving it a delicate texture and a soft sheen. It offers a cooler feel than "Brushed Silk Knit."
Both knits are characterised by a unique texture not often seen in typical 100% silk knitwear. With these products, we hope you can truly experience the new allure of silk.

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover >

Brushed Silk Knit Jogger Pants >

Brushed Silk Knit Jogger Pants in Ice Look

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover in Greige Look

Brushed Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover & Jogger Pants in Moss Look

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