Innerwear issues - choosing see-through, sheer, or sleeveless undergarments

This was before the launch of MUUGI.

A staff member at a select store was wearing a sleeveless white top with American Armhole (a garment with wide open shoulders).
She said, "This shoulder opening is too big, so if I wear a bra, the strings would stick out. And it's thin white, so the color would show through. So I wear a white bare top, but it's falling down."
"There are a lot of clothes that I end up wearing because I don't have any innerwear that goes with them."
I nodded deeply.


Transparent blouses, light knits, and white tops. Sleeveless dresses, camisole dresses, and tops with wide open backs.

When enjoying fashionable clothes, there is always the problem of innerwear.

Especially with the recent trend of transparent clothing, undergarments are increasingly styled to show off as part of the fashion. 

If there were versatile innerwear that could be selected according to the outfit and situation, it would make styling easier.
It would be great if there were innerwear that was not only "invisible" but also "cool even if it is visible" and "makes you want to show it off.
With these thoughts in mind, we created MUUGI underwear.

Here we introduce MUUGI products for various situations.

Transparent tops

If you are wearing a transparent blouse or tops, a tank top is safe for any situation as it is less revealing, while a camisole (V-neck type) is a little more elegant and sexy. Straight-type bare camisoles have more fabric around the bust than V-neck camisoles for a sense of security, and their straight lines create a mode and stylish atmosphere.

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra in Black

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Olive

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra in Ecru

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Taupe

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra in Olive

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Ecru

You can also read more about how each color of MUUGI camisole looks in a white T-shirt.

What does it look like to have MUUGI underwear inside a white top? >

Lightweight clothing

Lightweight clothing can cause unevenness in undergarments. Especially surprisingly noticeable is the back.

If you do not want shoulder strap lines and metal fittings to echo, a tank top is recommended. The unevenness is kept to a minimum, so lines will not be noticeable.

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra in Gold

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra in Olive

Clothes with wide neck openings

The camisole is a great addition to large opening cuts, knits, and boat neck garments. The deep V-cutline makes it perfect for when you don't want to show your innerwear.

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Gold

Clothes with wide back openings

Clothes with designs on the back are increasing regardless of the season. MUUGI's camisole has a large back opening and an adjuster that gives it a less underwear-like appearance, so it looks elegant even when shown.

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Olive

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Black

Clothing with open shoulders

Clothes such as camisoles and American armhole tops that require the shoulders to be shown.

MUUGI's underwear, which is designed to have a texture that blends easily with clothes, can be worn with clothes without feeling like underwear, even if you show them off proudly.

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Olive

100% Silk Camisole with Bra in Taupe

Clothing with large side openings

Sleeveless with large side openings. If a tank top is tucked inside, a glimpse of it when you raise your hand will not give the impression of underwear.

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra in Taupe

All of the colors have a nuanced tone that does not look like underwear, but the olive and taupe colors in particular are very rare in underwear and are more like clothes, so we recommend these colors for those who mainly use them for showing off.

We encourage you to choose a shape and color that matches your existing clothing.