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Article: MUUGI Silk Underwear Lookbooks from Instagram

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インナー問題 ー透ける服や薄手の服、ノースリーブの下着選びー

Innerwear issues - choosing see-through, sheer, or sleeveless undergarments

This was before the launch of MUUGI.A staff member at a select store was wearing a sleeveless white top with American Armhole (a garment with wide open shoulders).She said, "This shoulder opening i...

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We will open a pop-up event in Ginza, Tokyo.

We're excited to announce MUUGI's first pop-up store!From October 20 (Tue.) to December 6 (Sun.)MUUGI will open a pop-up store at "one×one", a limited time-only store to be held at ZeroBaseLabsGINZ...

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