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Article: The Nihombashi Takashimaya location has changed to Season Style Lab!

The Nihombashi Takashimaya location has changed to Season Style Lab!

The MUUGI corner at Nihombashi Takashimaya has been relocated to the Season Style Lab on the 4th floor of the main building.

It will now be located directly opposite the My Body Room, where it was previously located.
There are no changes to the items available, and we continue to offer a full range of products from the 100% Silk Series, Cotton & Silk Rib Series, as well as some products from the Merino Wool Series.

We also have fitting size samples for all MUUGI products available for trying on, including panties/briefs.

As this is a permanent location and not a pop-up store, we would be delighted to welcome you to the store if you would like to see the products in person or try them on.

*Please note that there are no dedicated MUUGI staff at this store, and the staff at the Season Style Lab will assist you. Some products may require special order or other arrangements for stock availability.

If you would like to inquire about the detailed in-store stock availability in advance, please contact

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A new series of six cotton silk ribbed underwear has been created.

この度、MUUGIオリジナルで開発したコットンシルクリブの新シリーズの発売を開始しました。 カップ付きのアンダーウェア3種、カップなしのタンクトップ、ショーツ2種の計6型をご用意しております。カラーは、オフホワイト、カーキグレー、チョコレート、ブラックの4色展開です。 ファッションの脇役として見せても着られ、インナーとしても心地よいリブ素材のアンダーウェアを作りたいと構想し、準備してきたこ...

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Camel has been added to the 100% silk camisole.

Camel, a popular color in the silk underwear series, has been added to the simple silk camisole. This simple camisole made of stretchy circular rib fabric is designed to be worn over your bra. For...

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