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Article: Camel has been added to the 100% silk camisole.

Camel has been added to the 100% silk camisole.

Camel, a popular color in the silk underwear series, has been added to the simple silk camisole.

This simple camisole made of stretchy circular rib fabric is designed to be worn over your bra.

For some time now, we have had requests from our customers to have this type in camel and have decided to add this color.

The camel color, which is close to the skin tone, is designed to be a color that is not easily transparent as an inner layer, but also to have a classy coloring when it is visible. The nude tone with a hint of pink is elegant.

Since this color is not easily transparent, it is recommended under white or light tops that tend to show through the inner layer.

100% Silk Camisole in Camel

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The Nihombashi Takashimaya location has changed to Season Style Lab!

The MUUGI corner at Nihombashi Takashimaya has been relocated to the Season Style Lab on the 4th floor of the main building. It will now be located directly opposite the My Body Room, where it was...

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A new color, coral, has been added to the 100% silk series.

シルク100%シリーズに、新色・コーラルができました。 タンクトップ(カップ付き)、キャミソール(カップ付き)、ベアキャミソール(カップ付き)、ショーツ、ハイウエストショーツの5ラインナップをご用意しております。 新色・コーラルは、上気した肌の血色をイメージして作ったカラーです。コーラルのチークを頬にふわりと乗せると血色感が生み出されるように、着ることにより肌をいきいきと見せてくれるよう...

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