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Article: Minor Update for 100% Silk Tank Top with Bra

Minor Update for 100% Silk Tank Top with Bra

We're excited to announce that we've slightly updated our 100% Silk Tank Top with Bra, which are ready to debut.

In this update, the opening for removing and inserting the cups has been moved to the inside so that it doesn't touch your skin. There have been no changes to the overall fit or fabric.

The color lineup includes a total of seven options, and the sizes are available in three options: Small, Medium, and Large.

At MUUGI, our brand concept revolves around cherishing timeless products, continuously improving them, and delivering them to our customers for a long time. The silk tank top with bra has been a signature model since our brand launch in 2020. While we are undergoing a minor refresh this time, we hope that you will continue to enjoy and cherish this item for years to come.

100% Silk Tank Top with Bra >

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