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Article: Announcement of the 100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra Renewal

Announcement of the 100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra Renewal

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra in White

We are excited to introduce the renewed model of our 100% Silk Bare Camisole with bra.

Here are the key changes from the previous version:

  1. We have added elastic bands on the inside of the straight-line section around the chest and the shoulder strap part, providing a more secure and comfortable fit. The part that touches your skin remains made of silk, and there are no significant changes in its appearance.
  2. In the previous model, the opening for inserting or removing the cups was located on the side that touches the skin. With this update, we have repositioned it to the inside to ensure it doesn't come into contact with your skin.

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra Inside

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra Inside

In the previous model, the lack of elastic around the chest area meant that some customers found that the fit could become slightly loose over time or that there was a slight sag around the straight silhouette.

With this renewal, we've introduced elastic bands all around the chest area to ensure a snug and secure fit. This enhancement keeps the straight-line silhouette intact even after extended wear and provides a comfortable, well-fitted experience. It's particularly beneficial when wearing the camisole as an outer layer or under sheer garments, ensuring that the lines stay sharp and adding to the overall stylish impression. Whether you're layering it under jackets or cardigans, or wearing it under more sheer outfits, this improved design offers a better experience.

In terms of fit, the new model has been designed to be tighter around the chest area than the previous version, ensuring a snug fit around the chest. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, we recommend you go up one size. The elastic bands running around the chest and underbust areas help to prevent slipping and shifting even in a slightly roomier size.
Conversely, if you prefer a snug fit around the chest or intend to wear it as an outer layer, choosing your usual size will give you the perfect fit. Even if you had the previous model and found it a little loose over time, trying the same size again in this model should give you a better fit.
On the following page, you'll find images of models with various body types wearing the item for reference.
Size & Fitting Guide for 100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra >

Regarding the change in the cup insertion and removal location, it is the same as the recently updated 100% Silk Tank Top. For more details, please refer to the video below.

We've been selling this Bare Camisole for over two years, and we've received a lot of valuable feedback from our customers.
Taking all of your feedback into account, we have decided to make this update. We understand that there are various body types and fit preferences among our customers, so we will continue to strive for the perfect balance between the beauty of the garment's shape, comfort, and practicality. We hope you will continue to enjoy wearing them.

100% Silk Bare Camisole with Bra >

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