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Article: Introducing the new 100% Ultra Fine Merino Wool Circular Rib Series

Introducing the new 100% Ultra Fine Merino Wool Circular Rib Series

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our latest creation, the Merino Wool Circular Rib Series. These new products are made from ultra fine 100% Merino wool yarns, specifically Super 180's grade. We have used these high quality materials to create an original circular rib knit, which is the basis for an exceptional range of long sleeve tops perfect for the autumn and winter seasons.

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Turtleneck Pullover in Pruple

For this project, we've been working on creating a new series with the concept of versatile, high-quality long-sleeve tops for the autumn and winter season. Our goal was to provide the ultimate comfort using the finest natural materials. These pieces are designed to be worn alone or layered, offering a wide range of stylish options with their premium and minimalist design.

Our solution was to develop a fabric using super 180's ultra fine merino wool yarns, the same grade used in our popular Merino Wool Jersey series. By altering the knitting and finishing techniques of the classic jersey fabric, we achieved a completely unique texture. This new fabric offers exceptional horizontal stretch, a lightweight feel and a subtle plush texture that sets it apart from traditional jersey fabrics. It's the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finest materials, minimalist design and the comfort of wearing it throughout the autumn and winter seasons.

Super 180's (14.5 micron) is equal to, or finer than, cashmere. Because of its limited production, it's an extremely rare material, rarely used in items such as knitwear or innerwear.

This fabric, made with such fine yarn in a circular rib knit, offers a delicate texture thanks to its fine fibers. It combines this delicate texture with a gentle fuzziness, resulting in a soft and comfortable feel. Thanks to its fine fibers, it feels incredibly smooth and gentle on the skin. When you put it on, you'll experience a luxurious feel and warmth, as if you're softly wrapped in the fabric.
In addition, the unique qualities of ultra-fine Merino wool, such as its gentle touch on the skin, insulation, moisture-wicking and breathability, as well as odor resistance and antimicrobial effects, make it an ideal choice for comfortable wear in various environments.

And with this newly developed circular rib fabric, we've designed a unique range of styles and colors, distinct from our Merino Wool Jersey series, emphasizing versatile, stylish tops.

Our color palette consists of four shades: purple, red, light blue, and black. In this collection, we've introduced more saturated colors that were less common in previous MUUGI releases. We've carefully designed new colors to enhance the versatility of your AW styling. These include a regal purple with a hint of blue, a vibrant red reminiscent of vermilion and a powdery light blue. Our color palette is designed to allow you to use color either as a focal point in a single piece or as a striking detail when layered with other items, expanding your styling options for the AW season.

The pullover comes in 4 variations.

Crew Neck Pullover features a slightly slim silhouette with longer sleeves, making it a versatile piece suitable for wearing on its own or for layering.
A modest crew neck. Cut off at the neck edge, cuffs, and hem give it a nuanced look. This item follows a similar concept to the classic "100% Silk Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top”.

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Crew Neck Pullover in Purple

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Crew Neck Pullover >

Scoop Neck Pullover features a scoop neckline. To make it easy to wear as a single piece, we've designed the round neck with a moderate opening, giving it an elegant impression.

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Scoop Neck Pullover in Light Blue

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Scoop Neck Pullover >

Turtleneck Pullover features a single layer turtleneck that naturally conforms to the neck without feeling tight. The slightly longer neck can be worn extended for a nuanced look or folded down neatly for a polished look, offering versatile styling options.

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Turtleneck Pullover in Red

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Turtleneck Pullover >

Wide Pullover stands out from the other three types with its unique features. It has a relaxed silhouette thanks to its wide body width and dolman sleeves. Yet, it presents a sharp impression with snug, longer sleeves, and a slightly shorter length. This item can be effortlessly worn, instantly completing the ensemble when worn casually on its own.

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Wide Pullover in Black

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Wide Pullover >

With this release, our Super 180's (14.5 micron) ultra-fine Merino wool series expands into two distinct lines: the Jersey series and the Circular Rib series.

The already existing Merino wool jersey series features a smooth texture. Although it has a subtle brushed finish, the surface remains sleek, resulting in a thin, slightly shiny fabric. This lightness and smoothness of this fabric makes it ideal for use as innerwear under brushed knits or shirts.

The new Merino Wool Circular Rib knit, on the other hand, has a softer and more airy texture. It offers a slight fluffiness, high horizontal stretch and a soft, body-hugging fit. It is also slightly thicker than Jersey. This fabric combines the delicacy of a fine-gauge yarn with a moderate fluffiness. By creating a design and color range suitable for outerwear, it becomes a versatile range that can be worn as a single piece or for layering in various styles.

We hope that by incorporating the finest materials into versatile basics, you can truly experience the comfort that premium Merino wool offers.

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Series >

100% Merino Wool Circular Rib Wide Pullover in Red

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