Introducing the new white color in the 100% silk tops series.

シルク100%トップス3型ホワイトA new color, white, in 100% silk fabric is now available in the long-sleeved tops series.

Three ranges are available: crew neck long sleeve top, high neck top, and the new long sleeve Tee.

シルク100%クルーネックロングスリーブ, ホワイト

シルク100%ハイネックカットソー, ホワイト

シルク100%長袖カットソー, ホワイト

The clear white color, combined with the luster of the silk, brings a soft transparency and a fresh, clean styling.
As a color, it is not a fluorescent pale color, but a white with a hint of yellow.

Comparing white and the existing ecru, the differences are as follows.


(Image left) Ecru is a color that looks like white mixed with a little reddish and yellow. It can be described as a reddish light beige or white pink. Because it has a hint of pinkish and yellow, it blends in with skin tones and is slightly less transparent than white.

(Image right) White is a clear white color with just a hint of yellow mixed in. Combined with the silk sheen, it looks pure white depending on the light. Compared to ecru, it contrasts more strongly with the skin tone and is therefore slightly more transparent.

We are happy to introduce the new basic color white into your daily styling.

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100% Silk High Neck Top in White >

100% Silk Long Sleeve Tee in White >