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Article: The brand's first knit product, a 100% silk full-needles knit, was born.

The brand's first knit product, a 100% silk full-needles knit, was born.

We are pleased to announce the launch of MUUGI's first knitwear products.

We offer a crew-neck pullover and a V-neck cardigan made of 100% silk with a rich, thick texture.

This is MUUGI's first knitwear product.

We have been wanting to make a 100% silk knit for a long time, and now we have finally completed it.

It is made of 100% silk and is thick enough to be worn as outerwear for four seasons. The knitted fabric is delicate, yet firm enough to be worn as a single piece.

The full-needles knitting method was adopted to create a firm, thick feel while using fine silk yarns. All the needles of the knitting machine are used to knit the garment, so it is called full-needles knit. Since all the needles are used, the number of stitches is high, and the knitted fabric is dense and firm. And since it is a type of rib knitting, it also has good elasticity in the horizontal direction.

A very fine yarn of 100% silk is knitted in a high gauge (18 gauge) all-needle knit, which gives the delicate look of silk, good thickness and firmness, and comfort by stretching in the horizontal direction. The silk has a smooth feel on the skin, but when you put it on, you can feel its firmness and elasticity. And when you put on the sleeves and move around, there is no tugging or tightness, and the knitted fabric stretches smoothly for a non-stressful feeling of comfort. The moderate fleshiness and bounciness of the knit fabric prevents the lines of the body from being felt and creates a sleek and neat silhouette.

Because of the large amount of yarn used, it has a surprising weight when held in spite of its delicate appearance. However, when you put it on, you can feel its lightness in spite of its thickness and firmness. Is it heavy or light? It is difficult to describe this knitted fabric.... Experience the new feel of this knit.


Silk is a natural fiber that is cool in summer and warm in winter. In our daily lives, where the temperature varies greatly from cold to hot during the day, with heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, silk is a good solution for a comfortable life. Its high moisture absorption and desorption properties make it comfortable to wear, when you are sweating from train rides, indoor heating, or when you are moving around. Silk also has excellent heat retention properties and is knitted with a firm, fleshy texture, so it can be worn comfortably to regulate the cold from the outside air.

18G シルクゴム編みニット クルーネックプルオーバー, ホワイト
18G シルクゴム編みニット クルーネックプルオーバー, モスグレー
18G シルクゴム編みニット クルーネックプルオーバー, ネイビー

The neckline of pullover is a crew neck with a slight horizontal opening. The skin on the sides of the neckline is slightly visible, giving a chic impression. 

18G シルクゴム編みニット Vネックカーディガン, ダークグリーン
18G シルクゴム編みニット Vネックカーディガン, ブラック

The V-neck cardigan can be worn open or buttoned up.

The V-neck opening when buttoned up was set aiming for a depth that is neither too deep nor too shallow. The opening is not too deep, making it easy to wear as a pullover on its own, while still exuding sensuality.

The length is not too long, so it can be worn as a pullover top with the buttons fastened.

18G シルクゴム編みニット Vネックカーディガン, チョコレート

The overall silhouette is slightly different from the silk circular rib knit series, and is set up to be moderately roomy.

We have three sizes available, so we hope you can choose according to your preferred silhouette.

We also recommend going up a size to wear it more loosely. Going up a size will give you a more relaxed silhouette with the beautiful fall of the slightly heavier fabric.

Also, the fabric has firmness and elasticity, so even if you wear it in a true or slightly compact size, you will not feel constricted, and your body lines will not be easily affected.

Finally, this knit also uses washable silk yarn, so you can wash it in your washing machine at home. Please be sure to put them in a mesh laundry bag, use a neutral detergent , choose a delicate cycle which is usually called ‘delicate’ or ‘Hand Wash’, and be careful how you hang dry them. Knitwear will stretch if hung to dry, so please lay your knit flat to dry.


When you put on the sleeves, you will feel the unique comfort of being wrapped in silk, as the smooth, horizontally-stretched silk fabric stays close to your body even when you move.

We hope you will experience MUUGI's new silk proposal.

18G Full-Needles Silk Knit Crew Neck Pullover >

18G Full-Needles Silk Knit V-Neck Cardigan >

18G シルクゴム編みニット Vネックカーディガン, チョコレート

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