For those who are considering MUUGI as a gift

The holiday season has arrived🎄
Thankfully, we are receiving more and more comments from people who are considering MUUGI products as a gift.
We have compiled a list of questions we often receive from people considering giving MUUGI as a gift, and hope you will find them useful.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We are sorry, but we generally do not offer special gift wrapping. However, MUUGI products (with some exceptions*) are delivered in a flat cloth bag.
The bag will be either mint green, navy, or red (color will be random).

This cloth bag can be used repeatedly, so we would be happy if you could use it as a part of your gift together.

(*The panties/briefs, silk short leggings, and merino wool shorts are delivered in a transparent zipper bag.
100% silk full-needles knitwear is delivered in a non-woven bag.)

Can you deliver on a specific date and time?"

Yes, as long as the delivery date is not too close to the date of your order. As a rule of thumb, delivery can be made 4 days after the order date.

If you wish to specify the date and time of delivery, please contact us at before or after placing your order.

*For international shipping, delivery on a specified date is not possible.

I want the price to be unidentifiable.

If the name of the purchaser and the name of the recipient are different, the item will be deemed to be a gift and the price will be removed from the itemized invoice that is included in the package. The name of the sender will be written in the itemized invoice as "Giver".
It is also possible to choose not to include the itemized bill itself.
Please contact us before or after you place your order, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.
Please be assured that there is nothing on the item itself that shows the price.