100% Silk Tank Top with Bra relaunched.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new model of our 100% silk tank top with bra with minor changes.
The changes from the previously tank tops are as follows.

1. The shoulder width (small shoulder width) will be slightly narrower
2. The chest opening will be slightly shallower.
The overall size, specifications, and fabric will remain unchanged.

(Left: New model, Right: Old model)

This tank top has been sold as a signature item for over a year since the launch of the brand. After receiving feedback from many customers and seeing many different body types trying it on at pop-ups and other events, we decided to make a small change to the product after much trial and error to see if we could improve it.

The first is about the width of the shoulder part.

By making the width a little narrower, we have created a clean and stylish impression. However, if it is too thin, it will not be stable enough to support the bust, so we left the width just right.

In addition, this tank top has an american-armhole-like cut line, so the shoulders are slightly inward. Therefore, depending on the opening of the neck of the top garment, the shoulder part of tank top could easily show. This time, the inner shoulder line is adjusted outward so that it is somewhat harder to see out from under the clothes.

Next, the chest opening (vertical) was changed to be a little shallower. The larger the size, the greater the difference from the previous model. (Compared to the previous model, the L size is about 1.5 cm shallower, the M size is about 1 cm shallower, and the S size is about 0.5 cm shallower).

This tank top was developed so that it can be worn as a single piece. As an undergarment, if the bust area is too shallow, it will easily come out from the clothing, but if it is too deep, it will be difficult to wear it alone. For this reason, we have been very careful to find the best balance.

When we received feedback from customers after its release, we often received comments, especially from size L customers, that the chest opening was too large and that it was difficult to wear as a single piece. Therefore, we decided to refine the product mainly for the large size.

We will continue to pursue a balance between style and practicality as underwear for people of all shapes and sizes.

In this renewal, the attached bra cups have changed from a round shape to a half-moon shape (only sizes S and M have changed; size L is the same half-moon shape as before). The bottom line of the cup is slightly wider, making it easier to fit those with a relatively wider bust line. You can also change the way the cups are inserted to fit your body shape, so we hope you will adjust it to your liking.

Ecru and navy have been added to the range, for a total of six shades and three sizes, S, M and L, as before.

If you are concerned about sizing, please see the following page for images of several models wearing our products.
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This tank top has been sold since the brand's launch as a signature model. The concept of the brand is to cherish our standard products and and to deliver them to you for a long time. We have decided to make a small change this time, and we hope you will like this new tank top as well.

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