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Article: Aiming for the best supporting role in fashion

Aiming for the best supporting role in fashion

This outfit is very nice, but it's hard to wear it because I don't have underwear to go with it.
I bought this dress, but I don't have the underwear to go with it. 
Have you ever felt like this?

The decorations of the innerwear may echo on the clothes, or it may be awkward to see them through the clothes.
In addition to fashion coordination, comfort issues such as tightness, synthetic fibers, and tapes are also very important for undergarments.

I myself have long been troubled by this "innerwear problem" when buying clothes or thinking about my daily coordination. I have also often discussed this "innerwear problem" with friends, acquaintances, and store staff. When I talked to them, I found that there are many different problems related to underwear, and not many people seem to have found items that satisfy them.

There are many people in stores that sell great clothes and among their fashion-loving customers who are in a state of underwear gypsy. Why is it that there are so many high-end underwear and imported lingerie from well-established brands, but everyone has not solved the "innerwear problem"?

Could one reason be that some underwear has become a "mainstay" in its own right? I thought so. Lingerie itself radiates individuality and makes a strong statement. Such lingerie is fine, but....
Another reason is that some lingerie plays too much of a supporting role. I also thought that this is because some underwear is too much devoted to a supporting role. Since they play a supporting role, their prices are low, so the materials and designs are appropriate for the price. But that is not enough... 

In order to help solve the "innerwear problem," we would like to see underwear that can play the "best supporting role" and become a supporting player behind the scenes of fashion. And what would we want to see in the underwear that would play the "best supporting role"? We have spent a lot of time thinking about such things.

Since it is the item closest to the skin, we want it to have the best quality, feel, and gentleness to the skin so that it is as good as, or even better than, the starring role.
Because they are worn for long periods of time and affect our physical condition, we wanted them to feel so comfortable and relaxed that we would not feel like we were wearing them.
We want them to be as minimalistic as possible, avoiding details that would interfere with the clothes when they are transparent or resonate.
To complement the styling of the clothes, we want the body line to look beautiful as well.

MUUGI underwear is the embodiment of what we wish we had.
We hope that MUUGI will play the best supporting role in fashion, so that you can enjoy fashion and spend your daily life comfortably.

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