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Article: Introducing 100% Silk Long Boy Shorts

Introducing 100% Silk Long Boy Shorts

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new "100% Silk Long Boy Shorts" in our silk 100% underwear series, made with original silk fabric. These versatile pieces can be worn as panties or layered over panties as leggings. We have designed them with a soft elastic waistband and cuffs to provide a gentle and comfortable fit without feeling tight.

100% Silk Long Boy Shorts inEcru

Currently, our silk 100% panty series offers three different styles, and as the demand from our valued customers continues to grow, we received requests for a boyshorts type. Additionally, we received feedback regarding our existing product, the "100% Silk Short Leggings", suggesting the desire for an item that can be worn as panties. With that in mind, we decided to develop a new version based on the concept of a "short bottom that can be worn as both panties and short leggings."

To enable wearing it as panties independently, we have incorporated a double-layered structure with a silk 100% fabric gusset in the crotch area. The seam is designed to avoid contact with the skin. Furthermore, to prevent the leg cuffs from stretching during wear, we have added a soft elastic band, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. We made meticulous adjustments to the elasticity of the band to achieve a fit that is not overly tight. When laid flat, the leg cuffs may appear slightly wider, but this design feature ensures a comfortable fit that follows the body's contours when worn, creating a straight and well-fitted appearance. Additionally, the seam at the leg cuffs is positioned on the outer side to prevent any discomfort or irritation from the stitching on delicate thigh areas.

*The photo shown here is the inner side (against the skin).

The sizes available are M and L. If you prefer a snug fit for the panties, we recommend selecting your exact size, while those who prefer a slightly looser fit for use as overpants may choose the larger size. The natural fiber fabric is soft and horizontally stretchable, allowing it to adapt to your body shape over time and providing a gradually softer and more comfortable fit.
The waist is designed with a slightly deeper rise to cover the abdomen. For those with a standard navel position, the waistline will fall just below the navel, ensuring coverage.

The lightweight silk fabric excels in moisture absorption and breathability, quickly absorbing and releasing sweat, allowing for a comfortable experience even in sweaty seasons. It is also recommended for days with significant temperature fluctuations.

When wearing thin bottoms where the visibility of underwear lines is a concern, wearing these shorts as underwear will help minimize the appearance of lines, as there are no seams in the hip area.
Of course, they can also be worn as short leggings or overpants, layered on top of your existing panties. The 100% Silk fabric is breathable and provides a comfortable feel, preventing sweat stains on clothes during perspiration, offering protection against heat rash and skin irritation, serving as innerwear for see-through garments, and providing insulation against the cold. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of uses.

Comparison with Short Leggings


(Left: Long Boy Shorts, Right: Short Leggings. A comparison of the same model wearing each respective size M.)

The new "Long Boy Shorts" have a slightly shorter overall length. The inseam is slightly shorter, and the rise is also slightly reduced.
When comparing two size M items, the "Long Boy Shorts" have a slightly tighter fit. This is because the sizing has been adjusted to accommodate the panty style.
The existing "Short Leggings" have a center seam, but in order to eliminate any potential discomfort or irritation from the center seam when worn as panties, the new "Long Boy Shorts" feature side seams instead.
Due to the elastic leg band, the fit around the leg openings is tighter in the "Long Boy Shorts" compared to the "Short Leggings."
The "Short Leggings" are constructed as a single piece without a gusset in the crotch area, while the "Long Boy Shorts" have a two-piece construction with a gusset made from the same fabric.

With this addition, the MUUGI silk panties lineup now consists of a total of four variations.
We hope you can choose based on your preference for comfort and to complement your outfit for the day.

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シルク100%ロングショーツ・2分丈レギンス, コーラル

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