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Article: New Large Size and Colors Added to 100% Silk Leggings

New Large Size and Colors Added to 100% Silk Leggings

100% Silk Leggings 6colors

New Large size has been added to the 100% silk leggings, and new colors, camel and charcoal, are now available.

The supremely comfortable fit of these leggings, with their soft fabric gently enveloping the legs, makes them a favorite that many find indispensable once tried—one of MUUGI's best-selling items.
Previously available only in size Medium, we have now introduced size Large to our lineup to offer a comfortable fit to a broader range of body types.

The L size has increased overall width compared to the existing M size, including larger measurements for the waist and hips, as well as broader thigh and knee widths, and the inseam is 3 cm longer.
The fabric stretches gently in the horizontal direction, making this size comfortable for those who typically wear Japanese L to XL in bottom sizes.
The added length in the inseam makes it also recommended for taller individuals or those who prefer longer garments.
Additionally, those who wear them as loungewear or nightwear, or those who prefer a slightly roomier fit, may also find the L size to be a suitable option to try.
Click here for more images of different sized models in this product.

Furthermore, two new colors have been introduced.
The well-known camel color in silk underwear, along with charcoal, a new color for this spring, have been added to the lineup.

100% Silk Leggings in Camel Look

Camel is close to skin color and less likely to show through under white clothing. It's a nude tone with a subtle pinkish hue, reminiscent of copper gold. It is recommended for those seeking leggings that won't show through when worn under white or other light, thin fabrics bottoms.

100% Silk Leggings in Camel >

100% Silk Leggings in Charcoal Look

Charcoal is a nuanced dark gray that subtly suggests hints of yellow or red, a warm tone that conveys warmth and softness. This sophisticated shade adds a refined impression to styling.

100% Silk Leggings in Charcoal >

The lightweight silk used in our 100% silk leggings efficiently absorbs and releases moisture, making them comfortable to wear even in sweaty seasons. The material balances warmth and coolness, making it ideal for seasons with varied temperatures and the upcoming hot season.
In addition to providing relief from the cold and preventing skin irritation, these leggings can protect your clothes or serve as base layers for sheer outfits, versatile for multiple uses.

We would be delighted if you could try our expanded lineup of 100% silk leggings.

100% Silk Leggings >

100% Silk Leggings & Short Sleeve Tee in Charcoal

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