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Article: New for winter, 100% ultrafine merino wool innerwear

New for winter, 100% ultrafine merino wool innerwear

We would like to give you a sneak preview of the ultrafine merino wool garments that will be available this winter.
We are currently working on a comfortable cut-and-sew garment made of smooth and warm 100% wool fabric that can be worn alone or as an inner layer.

This item is especially recommended for those who have an image that "wool innerwear is prickly" or "warm innerwear made of synthetic fibers causes skin irritation".

The material used is 100% rare 14.5 micron (Super 180) merino wool, which is rarely found on the market.
Because it is a very fine, high-quality fiber, it is smooth to the touch without being prickly, making it perfect for clothes worn closest to the skin. It is made into a thin jersey fabric that is smooth to the touch and does not bulk up.

With excellent warmth and natural antibacterial and deodorant properties, this item can be used not only in the fall and winter but also in all seasons.

First up are short and long sleeve tops.
We wanted a garment that looked good when worn alone or layered, and that did not interfere with what was worn over it when worn as an inner garment.

Wear over a cardigan or jacket.
Layer it over a knit vest or sleeveless dress.
In midwinter, wear it with a knit.
When spring comes, wear it under a light layer or a thin top.
In early summer, wear the long-sleeved version alone as a compact top.
In summer, wear the short-sleeved version alone as a T-shirt.

We have created an item that can be used not only in the fall and winter, but in all seasons.

The neck openings were decided after repeated trial and error, considering the style when worn alone and its compatibility with a variety of outfits.

Furthermore, the long sleeves are 2-way, so they can be worn backwards or forwards, so we hope you can choose your favorite neck opening to match your outfit or mood of the day.

-Scheduled to appear in early December, 2020
-Short-sleeved and long-sleeved, available in three sizes (S, M, L) and four colors 
100% Merino Wool Short sleeve Tee, 100% Merino Wool Long sleeve top

*Added on 20/12/04
Now on sale! Please see below for details.
>About MUUGI Merino Wool Innerwear 

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