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Article: New size XS in 100% Silk Camisole with Bra!

New size XS in 100% Silk Camisole with Bra!

We have added a new XS size to our 100% Silk Camisole with Bra lineup.

Today, we would like to talk about the background of why we created the XS size.

MUUGI's underwear with bras were developed with the aim of providing "a stress-free fit with no tightness."
Therefore, for those who are accustomed to the general type of underwear that firmly constricts and supports the bust, some may feel that this underwear is a little loose, or that it is not tight enough to support the bust.

In particular, camisoles have even less fabric around the chest than tank tops, which makes the fit even looser, so some customers commented that when they chose a camisole size based on their usual sense of fit, they found the camisole to be a little too big.In addition, some customers who purchased both camisoles and tank tops said that the camisole felt slightly looser than the tank top.

Therefore, we have received comments from people whose clothes are usually a S size or who are just right for S size tank top that it would be better if the camisole were even smaller than a S size.

So we have decided to add an XS size to the lineup for camisoles only.
The body width is 27 cm, which is 2 cm tighter than the S size (4 cm all the way around).
The XS size is recommended for customers who meet the following criteria;
-Height is less than 160cm
-Skinny (in the upper body)
-Not too much flesh on the upper half of the body, with a bust of B70 or less.
-Want a certain degree of fit, not too loose.

We would be happy if you could try our S size camisole even if you felt that it was a little too big for you so far.

Please see this page for an image of a model comparing the XS and S sizes of the camisole.

If you are considering a camisole with bra (not limited to S/XS sizes), we would appreciate it if you could refer to the following information when choosing your size.

-Want a certain degree of fit. Want to wear it snugly as underwear.
→One size smaller than your normal clothing size.

-Prefer a stress-free and comfortable fit. 
→Usual clothing size

Please feel free to contact us anytime at if you have any questions about size selection.
Please let us know your body shape information and fitting preferences so that we can provide you with more detailed information.

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