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Size & Fitting Guide for 100% Silk Short Leggings

100% silk short leggings come in one size.

Made from fabric that stretches well horizontally, these leggings naturally fit the curves of your body. One size that fits a wide range of body shapes (fits regular S/M/L sizes).

In the horizontal direction, the fabric stretches and fits along the body shape, but in the vertical direction, the waist position will vary depending on the height and body shape.

▽ Model A: 158cm (5'2")

▽ Model B: 166cm (5'5")

▽ Model C: 168cm (5'6")

Model A: 158cm (5'2")

- Model details:
She usually wears size M bottoms.

Model : 158cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(前)Model : 158cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(横)Model : 158cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(後)

Comfortable fit. The waist comes to a point that fully hides the navel.

Model B: 166cm (5'5")

- Model details:
She usually wears size L or XL bottoms.

Model : 166cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(前)
Model : 166cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(横)
Model : 166cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(後)

Feels just right. Not tight, comfortably fits the body.The waist comes to a point that just hides the navel.

Model C: 168cm (5'6")

- Model details:
She usually wears size M bottoms.

Model : 168cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(前)Model : 168cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(横)Model : 168cm、シルク100%3分丈ショートレギンスMサイズの着用画像(後)

Sits comfortable on skin. The fabric also stretches at the hip area, so it's very comfortable to wear.

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