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For Those Seeking Silk Panties and Briefs

four variations of 100% silk panties

MUUGI offers a lineup of four types of 100% silk panties. These are the panties you've been waiting for – made from washable 100% silk fabric, they are designed to be minimal and sophisticated without any tightness.

Additionally, we also feature two types of panties made from a ribbed material composed of 80% cotton and 20% silk.

All our panties and briefs are carefully created in Japan by skilled artisans, encompassing everything from fabric production to dyeing and sewing.

Here, we will explain the features of MUUGI's panties and briefs, the differences between each type, and how to choose the right style and size for you. Whether you're already a fan of silk panties or considering trying them for the first time, we hope you'll give MUUGI a try.

About the 100% Silk Circular Rib Series Panties from MUUGI

Features of the Fabric in MUUGI's 100% Silk Panties

MUUGI's silk panties are made from 100% silk fabric. Although they are referred to as silk panties, it's rare to find ones that are truly 100% silk. Often, they contain a few percent of polyurethane, or other materials make up a large portion of the composition. However, due to the nature of polyurethane, it inevitably degrades over time. Additionally, we've received feedback from individuals with sensitive skin who are unable to wear panties with even a small percentage of polyurethane. That's why we focused on developing exclusively 100% silk panties and briefs.

The silk is knitted into a circular rib knit fabric, notable for its horizontal stretch (for more details about the fabric, click here). This softly stretching fabric snugly conforms to the skin. In contrast to "satin" fabric commonly used in silk panties and briefs (a smooth, glossy woven fabric) which does not stretch horizontally, our circular rib knit fabric stretches like a knit.

Additionally, MUUGI's silk circular rib fabric is made from washable silk. The washable treatment is applied at the fiber stage, before the silk is spun into threads, making this a semi-permanent and long-lasting process. Although hand washing or using a dry course for panties can be quite a task, MUUGI's panties are designed to be machine washable without any issues. However, it's important to remember to always use a laundry net.

Silk is made from the same protein as human skin and is often referred to as the "second skin" due to its gentleness. It also has excellent moisture absorption, desorption, moisturizing, and thermal properties. We use 100% silk to provide a comfortable fit that is gentle on the skin, and we hope you can incorporate it into your daily life.

MUUGI's original silk fabric

Regarding MUUGI's original silk fabric >

Four Varieties of MUUGI's 100% Silk Panties and Briefs

Customers have varying preferences and desires when it comes to the style and fit of panties. At MUUGI, we've expanded our lineup to cater to these diverse needs. While adhering to MUUGI's brand concept of "comfort without constriction" and "minimal, refined design," we offer an array of panties and briefs in different designs.

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band

Image of wearing 100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band - front and back

A slightly unusual type of panties without elastic in the groin area, these feature a mid-rise fit and a modestly wider leg opening, maintaining a basic shape.
This particular type of panties was actually the very first model launched by MUUGI as their debut silk panties. We specifically chose not to include elastic in the leg openings to completely eliminate any tightness around the groin area. As a result, the fabric gently conforms to the contours of the legs and buttocks, offering a comfortably loose fit. Over time, the fabric adapts even more, creating a sense of openness and freedom in the groin area. This is a distinctive feature of our 100% silk fabric, which does not include any polyurethane. We recommend these panties to those who prefer not to feel constricted around the groin area and enjoy a sense of openness. Conversely, for those who prefer a more fitted feel, we suggest the "100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties" as the next option.

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band in Taupe

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties Without Leg Band >

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties

Image of wearing 100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties - front and back

Experience the most basic and comfortable fit with these panties. They feature gentle elastic at the waist and leg openings, achieving a soft fit that's just right. The rise is neither too low nor too high, and the wider leg openings ensure ease of movement without feeling constricted, even with the elastic.
This style of panties was developed in response to customer feedback on our "Mid-Rise Panties without Leg Band." While some customers appreciated the freedom around the leg area, others mentioned that the lack of fit around the buttocks made the panties prone to shifting during movement. To address this, we introduced elastic at the leg openings to enhance the fit, but we were careful to avoid a constricting feel around the groin area. After numerous prototypes, we achieved a perfect balance: a fit that feels secure yet not tight, thanks to the carefully adjusted elasticity and pattern.
While similar in shape to the "Mid-Rise Panties without Leg Band," these panties offer slightly more fabric coverage on the hip side, providing better coverage around the outer buttocks area. The inclusion of elastic at the leg openings also makes them less likely to ride up with movement.

For those who appreciate a comfortable fit with just the right amount of snugness around the leg openings and buttocks, we highly recommend these panties.

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties in Taupe

100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties >

100% Silk Full Boyleg Briefs

Image of wearing 100% Silk Full Boyleg Briefs - front and back

These panties feature a high-waist cut that covers the belly button and a low-leg style that covers the lower part of the buttocks. They are designed with elastic in the leg openings, ensuring a soft fit, with the low-leg line providing a snug wrap around the buttocks.

This style was developed in response to customer requests for deep-cut panties that completely envelop the stomach and for a design that covers the lower part of the buttocks, which often peeks out from under typical panties.

Gentle elastic is used around both the stomach and the leg openings, offering a comfortable fit without tightness. The elastic at the leg line is positioned at the top of the thighs, softly embracing the buttocks. This design provides a subtle increase in snugness around the thigh roots without being overly tight. However, for those who prefer not to have elastic in this area, we recommend choosing from our other two types.

These panties are ideal for those who enjoy the reassuring feel of being fully covered from the stomach to the buttocks and for those who want to indulge in the luxury of being enveloped in silk fabric.

100% Silk Full Boyleg Briefs in Taupe

100% Silk Full Boyleg Briefs >

100% Silk Long Boy Shorts

Image of wearing 100% Silk Long Boy Shorts - front and back

These versatile short bottoms can be worn both as boy shorts and as leggings. Wear them alone as long boy shorts, or over other panties as knee-length leggings, depending on your preference. They feature a slightly high waist, with leg openings that reach about mid-thigh, longer than typical boy shorts.
This product was developed in response to customer requests for boy shorts and feedback on our existing "100% Silk Short Leggings," with the aim of creating a garment that can be worn as panties alone.

Designed to be worn directly against the skin as panties, so it features a 100% silk gusset in the crotch area. This design ensures that there are no seam lines touching the skin for added comfort.
To prevent the leg openings from stretching out during wear, they are designed with soft elastic, ensuring a gentle fit. The seam at the leg openings is placed on the outside to avoid contact with the delicate thigh area, and the elastic is enclosed within the fabric so it doesn't touch the skin.

When choosing panties for thin bottoms, it's preferable to select items that minimize visible lines. Wearing these panties shifts any potential lines from the hip line to the thighs, making them less noticeable. They are also recommended as an option for sheer bottoms, offering a discreet choice for underwear.
Moreover, it is also recommended to wear them as short leggings or over-pants on top of your own panties. The 100% silk circular rib knit fabric is breathable and provides a comfortable material that helps prevent sweat stains on your clothes when you perspire. It can also be used for preventing heat rash or skin irritation, serving as innerwear for sheer clothing, and providing warmth as a measure against the cold. The versatile nature of the fabric allows for a wide range of applications.

100% Silk Long Boy Shorts in Taupe

100% Silk Long Boy Shorts >

Choosing the Right Panties for Your Preferences

If you prefer panties with a higher waist or a style that fully covers your buttocks, "100% Silk Full Boyleg Briefs" are recommended.

For those who favor a mid-rise fit and a leg opening that's slightly wider than a low-leg style, the two types other than the high-waist ones are ideal. Moreover, if you're someone who dislikes tightness around the groin and prefers a feeling of openness, "100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties without Leg Band" would be perfect. Conversely, if you prioritize a comfortable fit over openness around the groin, then "100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties" are the best option for you.

Selecting the Right Size for 100% Silk Series Panties

We offer three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. (Please note: The "100% Silk Long Boy Shorts" are only available in Medium and Large.)
If you typically wear Western sizes, it's important to note that Japanese clothing sizes are generally smaller. As a comparison, if you usually wear a Small in Western sizing, a Medium in MUUGI's panties may be a better fit for you. However, while MUUGI's panties are designed for comfort without being too tight, they may feel slightly more relaxed compared to the snug-fitting panties you're used to.

100% Silk Series Panties in Nine Diverse Colors *

We offer a selection of nine different colors to suit your preferences. (*"100% Silk Long Boy Shorts" are available in seven colors.)
One common question we receive is, "Which colors are the least see-through?" For those looking for colors suitable under white or light bottoms, we recommend "Camel" and "Gold". "Camel" is a nude-tone beige with a hint of pink, reminiscent of copper gold. It's very close to the Japanese skin tone, making it the least transparent color. "Gold" is a slightly darker beige with a yellowish tint, blending well with the skin. Since "Gold" is a bit darker than the skin tone, it may be slightly more visible through white or thin clothing compared to "Camel." However, we recommend choosing the color that you prefer the most.
Another frequent query is, "How do 'White' and 'Ecru' differ?" "White" is a clear, bright color with a slight yellow tint. The silk's sheen can make it appear purely white under certain lighting conditions. "Ecru" is a mix of white with touches of red and yellow, giving off a light beige or pinkish hue. With its subtle pink and yellow tones, Ecru blends well with the skin and is slightly less noticeable under clothing compared to White. Conversely, White, due to its clearer hue, tends to stand out more against the skin, making it more visible under sheer clothing.

Customer's voice

"I was looking for silk panties that are not tight, and they were exactly what I wanted."
"The panties are so comfortable that it feels like I'm not wearing anything."
"The silk products are very comfortable. Especially the panties, they are not tight and don't cause sweating, which was great during the summer."
It seems that many customers appreciate the comfort and lack of tightness of our products.
"Compared to other brands, MUUGI's products feel the gentlest on the skin."
"The absence of elastic at the leg openings reduces skin friction, and they are easy to care for, which I found great."
As these comments suggest, our products have been well-received by customers with sensitive skin.

"The Silk Full Boyleg Briefs cover both the stomach and buttocks completely, offering exceptional comfort."
"I really liked the Silk Full Boyleg Briefs as they cover up to the navel, keeping my stomach warm and making them suitable for all-year-round use."
Customers who don't want their stomachs to get cold and those who prefer a fully enveloping fit have also given positive feedback about our Silk Full Boyleg Briefs.

Introducing the "Cotton & Silk Rib Series" Panties

We also offer panties made from a different fabric.
These panties are crafted from a ribbed fabric consisting of 80% cotton and 20% silk, providing a slightly thicker texture and a more snug fit compared to the 100% silk circular rib knit fabric series.
This rib fabric combines the soft, fluffy comfort unique to cotton with the smoothness of silk. The texture is more matte compared to 100% silk fabric, and the fabric feels thicker and more robust. Additionally, it has a good kickback, meaning it stretches but returns to its original form, ensuring a soft fit to the body line without overstretching.
These panties are recommended for those who appreciate the texture of rib and cotton, prefer a more substantial fabric feel, and enjoy a moderately snug fit.

Introducing MUUGI's collection of two variations of Cotton & Silk Rib Series panties

We offer two types of panties that you can choose based on the rise and leg line.

Cotton & Silk Rib Mid-Rise Panties

Image of wearing Cotton & Silk Rib Mid-Rise Panties - front and back

A mid-rise option with a slightly wider leg opening, providing a basic style. Soft elastic is incorporated at the leg openings, gently fitting around the buttocks for comfortable movement. There is no tightness around the leg openings, making them easy to wear. In terms of shape, they are similar to the "100% Silk Mid-Rise Panties".

Cotton & Silk Rib Mid-Rise Panties in Khaki Gray

Cotton & Silk Rib Mid-Rise Panties >

Cotton & Silk Rib Full Briefs

Image of wearing Cotton & Silk Rib Full Briefs - front and back

A high-waisted option with a cut that has a slightly lower leg line. Compared to the Mid-Rise Panties, it provides greater coverage for the buttocks. It is recommended for those who enjoy a comforting fit that securely wraps around from the abdomen to the buttocks.

Cotton & Silk Rib Full Briefs in Khaki Gray

Cotton & Silk Rib Full Briefs >

We would be delighted if you could choose from our diverse lineup based on your preferences for comfort, occasions, and matching bottoms.