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Article: Introducing 3 New Items in the 100% Merino Wool Jersey Series

Introducing 3 New Items in the 100% Merino Wool Jersey Series

メリノウール100%天竺 タンクトップ, カップなし, ブラック

MUUGI's signature 100% Ultra Fine Merino Wool series is getting a makeover for Fall 2023, complete with new items and fresh colors. We are excited to introduce three new additions to our collection.

MUUGI uses a luxurious fabric made from 14.5 micron (Super 180's) ultra fine Merino Wool jersey. This exceptional material is as soft as cashmere, offering a smooth and gentle feel. Besides providing warmth as expected from wool, it also excels in moisture-wicking, breathability, odor-resistance, and antibacterial properties.
Therefore, it is the perfect option for both cold seasons and humid climates, where it can shine.

To expand the range of products utilizing this high-performance ultra-fine Merino Wool material, we are introducing three new items.

Firstly, we have added two new top options: a tank top without cups and a 2 way short-sleeve top, both designed to be versatile as innerwear and outerwear throughout the year.
It's simple to wear this as a base layer in moderate climates where a long-sleeved innerwear isn't necessary. It's ideal for wearing under thin or elbow-length sleeved clothes and allows you to benefit from wool's properties throughout the year, from sweat-inducing to chilly seasons.

メリノウール100%天竺 タンクトップ, カップなし, ブラック

A tank top with shoulder straps that are not excessively narrow. Delicate yet substantial enough to conceal the straps of undergarments. You can wear it alone or layer it under see-through clothes.
The neckline, situated between a V-neck and U-neck, is designed to remain inconspicuous even when worn as an inner layer beneath shirts or tops with wider neck openings. A versatile item that can be worn year-round, offering the functionality of Merino Wool and a gentle, comfortable feel.

100% Merino Wool Jersey Tank Top >

メリノウール100%天竺 2way半袖カットソー, キャメルメリノウール100%天竺 2way半袖カットソー, キャメル

The "2-Way Short Sleeve Top" has been designed with a slightly more compact fit, including the overall silhouette, sleeve length, and width. It offers a closer-fitting silhouette compared to the current "100% Merino Wool Short Sleeve Tee". Think of it as a short-sleeved version of our existing "2-Way Long Sleeve Top".
This design is tailored to minimize any bagginess in the sleeves or body when worn under clothing with narrow sleeves or compact tops. It's also a great choice for moisture-wicking innerwear.
The neckline features a 2-way design that can be worn both front and back by changing the front and back openings. One side has a slightly wider cut, making it less noticeable under various tops, offering versatility as an innerwear item for different clothing styles.
For those times when you're concerned about the sleeves of long-sleeved innerwear feeling bulky or when you need an inner layer to cover underarm sweat.

100% Merino Wool Jersey 2-Way Short Sleeve Top >

メリノウール100%天竺 レギンス, トープ

And as for bottoms, we're introducing a longer version of our current "High Waist Shorts".
We've extended the length of the High Waist Shorts to reach your ankles while keeping the double-layered belly warmer intact. Additionally, the cuffs are double-layered to snugly encase your ankles, enhancing the insulation even further.
It's a warm piece that snugly fits from the high-waisted belly area down to the ankles in Merino Wool fabric.

100% Merino Wool Jersey Leggings >

メリノウール100%天竺 2分丈インナーボトムとレギンス

In addition to the three new items, some of our existing products have also undergone minor changes and introduced new colors. For more details, please see here.

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